capricorn full moon∙babe reading

The perfect spread for the Blessing Moon. 🦀🦁 Last night during my webinar, I pulled from two of my all-time favorite decks, @spiritdelalune and the @lavishearth for our Capricorn Full Moon reading. You can't make this shit up. 🙈 ⠀

The world is begging for more love and Rose Quartz is the perfect stone we can work with for support. 💗 The world is reflecting to us that WE need give to ourselves.... unconditional love. The inner creates the outer. 🌎✌🏽️ ⠀

La Luna reminds us to take action and to step confidently in our dreams. This is the opportunity to RISE! 🙋🏽 We are here to be the peacemaker and to instill balance. Love your inner child and share your wisdom. Find yourself grounded and connect with Gaia. 🌱 She is here to help us thrive, yet we must honor and respect her. This is the time for sacred Union. 💑 Honor your shadows and infuse your light into those areas you tend to repress. It's okay to feel what your feeling, but don't allow the lower vibrations to rule you. Honor. Forgive. Acknowledge. Release. With this, rebirth can occur. Be gentle with yourself and relax. 🛀🏾 Take care of yourself. Self-care is crucial right now. Pamper yourself and honor yourself because you deserve it! 🌻 ⠀

Happy full moon gods and goddesses! 🔮 Nourish your soul. Cleanse your crystals. Journal write. Release what no longer serves. Sending so much love. 💞