043 | Food as thy Medicine | Robyn Youkilis

This episode of the Sovereign Society Podcast was a visualization dream manifested into reality. There is a higher sense of awareness about the importance of gut health over the years and Robyn Youkilis is one of the experts educating the masses about reclaiming their gut health and healing our bodies from the inside out.


Her latest book Thin from Within offers recipes, reset protocols and her story about how her passion from gut health all began. She’s on a mission to empower those who’ve been feeling groggy. Those who are ready to honor their bodies. Those who are here to navigate through this time and space through our intuition. While her gut was processing much of her anxiety and worries in her younger years, she recognized how her gut was processing her emotions, fears, and beliefs as well as what she was eating and it was too much. 

In this episode, we went there. We talked about Robyn’s journey to conquer anxiety, astrology, her childhood, the controversy of food advertising, plus so much more. There's no accident why health and wellness is on the uprise. This is our time to claim our power back with our health so that we can align to our authentic truth, to share our medicine with the world so that we can show up fully and authentically.


“Recognize that the healing journey is not forever, this is what the body needs right now. This in itself can give your body more space for it to heal.”
— Robyn Youkilis

In this episode, Robyn Youkilis and I talked about...

☾ Honoring our needs to fill our cup through joy, connecting to our bodies, and listening to the  intuition

☾ How Wellness is beyond “trendy”

☾ Robyn’s health journey to nourish her gut and the breakdown that led her to become a nutritionist

☾ Leaning into the resistance to witness the shifts that bring us to our Truth

☾ Practicing patience and slowing down to listen to the signs of the Universe on how to honor our bodies

☾ The Uprise of Candida and society’s addiction to sugar

☾ The power of your words as you embark on your healing journey

☾ Bringing awareness to transmute propaganda around food, social media, and addiction

☾ Making choices through intuition and intention

☾ Robyn’s vision of people coming together to dine, eat and be merry together


Discover More from Robyn

Robyn Youkilis is a certified wellness expert and author of the best selling book Go with Your Gut. She’s the leading authority on gut health and weight loss appearing on The View, The Today Show, and The Wall Street Journal Live. Her latest book, Thin From Within - The Go with Your Gut Way to Lose Weight is part coaching guide and part cookbook, with 75 delicious recipes, to help readers optimize their digestion and shed weight from the inside out.

INSTAGRAM | http://www.instagram.com/robynyoukilis
WEBSITE | http://www.robynyoukilis.com
PURCHASE THIN FROM WITHIN ON AMAZON | https://www.amazon.com/Thin-Within-Your-Lose-Weight/dp/1909487759


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