056 | Respecting the Integrity of Sacred Plant Medicines / Shelby Dotsey Stafford

There’s no denying that word’s on the streets about the power of Plant Medicines, especially Ayahuasca. People are ready to break free from the shackles and heal from the past. With the hype comes responsibility to educate the masses on how to respect and honor these sacred sacraments that have been held in reverence for generations + thousands of years. It was only a matter of time for me to bring on a fellow Medicine Woman Shelby Dotsey Stafford of Colibri Healing to talk about these sacred medicines in times when people are ready to claim nirvana + sovereignty as their way of being. 

If you’re coming from a space of being full with yourself, you’re not going to be needing to pull from other areas.
— Shelby Dotsey Stafford of Colibri Medicine
Sovereign Society Podcast with Sabrina Riccio | 056 | Respecting the Integrity of Sacred Plant Medicines / Shelby Dotsey Stafford

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In this episode, Shelby and I talked about…

☾ The importance of integration when it comes to working with plant medicines

☾ Using Discernment when working with Ayahuasca + plant medicines

☾ Shelby’s healing journey of shifting from Western Medicine into becoming the Medicine Woman of Colibri Healing

☾ What it means to carry integrity + respecting the Sacred Plant Medicines and Ceremony

☾ Understanding Trauma and how it relates to your Divine Mission and Purpose

☾ The importance of honoring your intuition before embarking on Medicine Journeys

☾ Honoring + Respecting the Indigenous Sacraments and traditions 

☾ How the Medicine arrives in your human experience

☾ Healing the Shame around working with Sacred Plant Medicines based on your ancestry

☾ Cutting through the Maya Illusion of the times we’re witnessing

☾ Honoring the work that allows you to be in your integrity


Discover Shelby Dotsey Stafford

Shelby Dotsey Stafford is a student of Life with a special affinity for plants and energy. She is dedicated to her personal healing, and the healing of all beings. Shelby is a registered nurse, reiki and energy practitioner, women's empowerment guide, ritualist, herbalist, sacred space facilitator, and carrier of South American medicine goods. She combines all of her offerings in her business, Colibri Healing.


INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/colibrihealing

WEBSITE | www.colibrimedicine.com

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