065 | 5 Truths I Discovered from my 40-Day Social Media Sabbatical

When I told people I was about to dive into a 40 day Social Media Sabbatical, I got the same response from everyone, “wow. good for you!” It’s not something you really hear from a Millennial. Truth be told, I was addicted to social media for years. The dopamine hits soothed a pained soul who was yearning for love and doing her best to transmute her trauma and heal her pain. Being someone with a Marketing degree and a minor in Sociology. I’ve been doing a deep dive into this new technology and discovering it’s effect hue-manity. It took me walking away for 40-days to feel what life was like without it and wow, was it liberating and spacious.


I've chosen to have a powerful 2019 and with that, I understand that I'm going to have to cultivate some new habits in order to be successful and THRIVING this year and beyond. I see that the world is ready for more of my medicine and for me to be able to show up and provide to my greatest capacity, I was willing to do what it took for me to feel anchored, liberated, clear, and energized. There is a great power when it comes to committing to a path for 40 days. In this latest episode, I talk about what came up for me as I chose to disconnect in order for me to reconnect with my essence.


In this episode, I talk about….

☾ The power of 40 days

☾ Overcoming my Addiction to Social Media

☾ The 5 Truths I Discovered

☾ How to Cultivate a Healthy Work-Life Balance

☾ Why Every Spiritual Entrepreneur Should Consider Participating in a Social Media Sabbatical

 ... plus so much more.


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