1.16.18 Moon Child Report | Capricorn New Moon + Stellium

Capricorn New Moon.jpg

CAPRICORN NEW MOON | JAN 16, 2018 | 6:16 pm PST

Capricorn. When all movement comes to an end. And endless becomes endlessness…When the totality of God. And the mighty sense of the beauty of wisdom. Enjoys the relationships with the lofty character of firmness…Capricorn is born to glorify the world for his total firmness!
— Yogi Bhajan

Can we just talk about the power of Capricorn right now? Capricorn is showing face all over the place, including the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto. This Stellium is a super rare alignment that truly is presenting us with the opportunity to get clear, kind of on a silver platter. As we know that New Moons are an opportunity for us to plant the seeds, it couldn’t be a more perfect time for us to get our shit together and really lay out what it is we are ready to align and manifest. We know that in order for us to manifest what it is we want, we must be in alignment with that vibration. Taking the time today to do a ritual and daily practice is a beautiful self-care practice. 



Capricorn energy is so grounding and with all the juju supporting you to get grounded, allow yourself to go there and dream big. Remember, it’s all about slow and steady wins the race. Get clear on your sacred why as to why you want to manifest and realize the goals you have. Are they to support the highest benevolence of truth, love and compassion or are they there to serve your ego? Check yo self, before you reck yo self!



Get practical during this time and figure out the steps and setup your systems in order to anchor in and create the sacred container for when your manifestations become your reality. Organize your finances. Setup your systems. Get your finances in order. Honor your boundaries. You are truly setting the foundation for you year and years ahead. Do what it is you know you need in order to feel aligned and supported as you go forth and build your queendom with grace.


:: DIVE IN ::


What is it I’m ready to anchor in?



How can this desire benefit the greater good?



What do I need to do for myself in order to show up?



How can I be gentle with myself along the way?



What resistance am I willing to face, recognizing that it’s coming up in order to be healed and transmuted?



This is essentially the new year. And with this new year, you get all the new new. There’s a feeling in the air that "this is the year.” Prepare yourself by taking the time and knowing when you need a break. When you need to slow down. When you need to rest. See, in order to manifest what it is you wish to manifest, you have to realize that it’s not all about work, work, work. That’s when you experience and imbalance in your masculine energy. Know that the structures are needed, of course, to allow the Shakti creative energy to flow. But take the time to fill up your cup. If you’re forcing it to happen, especially if you’re coming from a lack mentality, you’re only going to wear yourself out more. With that being said, as you begin to plan out your year and hone in to what steps you need to take, remember, that surrender is key. Having faith that all is unfolding for the highest good is crucial. Having patience is everything. The Universe is always working for you, never against you. This means you can surrender the big plans and allow yourself to be present and in the flow of inspired action. Living with intention is crucial. Cultivating time for you is necessary. Honoring your needs and how you’re feeling is empowering. Allow yourself to go there because you're so worthy of it!