12.2.17 Moon Child Report | Gemini Full Super Moon

Gemini Full Moon.jpg

I don’t know about you, but this Gemini feels like I’m about to dive into my cocoon. 🦋 With our last full moon of 2017, self-compassion in it’s many forms are at the front of our awareness. 🌕 It can look like setting up structures for the year ahead, to digital detox, to spending more time with loved ones. Tune in and see what your soul’s craving. 👯‍♀️

Now that we’re in this Mercury Retrograde period, it’s the perfect time to go within and visit all the re-’s :: Reassess, revisit, refine, realize.


Reassess the journey of 2017. 🛸

What worked? What needed more of your love and attention? What could you do differently?

Revisit the triumph and pain. ✨

What moments highlighted the year? How can you bring more of that into your life? Who can you forgive? How can you be more gentle? Be kinder?

Refine your vision. 👁

How are you shooting for the moon? Have you shifted? Have you lost sight to the bigger picture? What are you ready to release?

Realize your potential. 💫

How have you been playing small? Where can you be gentle with yourself? Are you being patient and honoring the flow?

Next year is the year of your emergence. Since 2012, our consciousness has been expanding and soaring to new heights. There’ve been challenges along the way, but also a reemergence of authenticity and vulnerability alongside the compassion and empathy. ♥️ Take some time for you to really reflect on 2017. Recognize the blessings and opportunities and the amount of growth you’ve endured. 

Remember, love.

Honor the journey. Trust the process.




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