1.31.18 Moon Child Report | Leo Super Blue Blood Moon


Happy Super Everything Moon! Why do I call it Super Everything? Well… this Full Moon in Leo is beyond CRAY! This once in a lifetime moon is so much more than once in a blue moon as the saying goes. It's a trifecta that's truly here to bring a strong force of potent Divine Feminine energy as we go forth and upgrade our DNA, the collective consciousness and the Planet as we know it. This Super, Blue, Blood Moon is JAM PACKED with all the potent juju. We call it a Super Moon because of how close it is to the earth, a Blue Moon because it's the second full moon of the month AND a Blood Moon because we witnessed a Lunar Eclipse. Woah.


When I think of Leo, I think of fiery, fierce courage. Essentially if we want something we’ve never had, we have to begin doing things we’ve never done. While Leo is a strong masculine energy, the balance of Aquarius brings in that loving feminine energy. This is a powerful opportunity for us to come together to truly make lasting and effective change in the world.


We’ve been doing hard work for years, especially if you embarked on your spiritual journey head first back in 2012. There’ve been many lessons and blessings from those trials and tribulations to prepare us for what’s in store as we share more empathy and compassion for our brothers and sisters who are showing the courage to show up for their lives. We are all going at our own pace and each of our journeys are different. It’s important to honor your journey and trust the process. Staying in your own lane is crucial, but if someone is asking for help, offer that helping hand. This is a time for community. 


Going back to courage, this moon is asking you to truly trust in yourself and the amount of time and energy you’ve been putting in to actualize what it is you’re ready to manifest. When we think about Kundalini energy, the Masculine energy is where the energy moves up the channel and through the chakras to bring for the states of enlightenment and awakening. What we must remember is to hone in on the feminine aspect of energy. This is where we bring down what we brought up in order to anchor in our manifestations and download the energy coming from our highest self into our bodies. You’ve been doing such a great job. This is the time for you to honor yourself. Take the time to look back and see how far you’ve actually come... you'd be amazed when you get real with yourself. 


Leo rules the heart, so allow your heart to lead the way. It’s all about finding that balance between the head and the heart. Love yourself unconditionally as you continue forth on your path and break the mold. You aren’t here to be conditioned by what your peers are doing. This is the time for you to get real with you and what it is you truly desire and resonate with. You are paving the road through uncharted territory. It’s why you’re here during this powerful time in history. We need you and your authentic light more than ever before. Honor your radness! Express what makes you you! This isn’t the time to be timid and afraid anymore. The world is READY for your medicine, and deep down, you know you are too.

With deep self-love comes deep self-care. As you allow yourself to look within and see how you can treat and love yourself more than ever before, you begin to attract more of that into your life. We need the times to rest just as much as we need the times to slay in our businesses and our lives. Just as Aquarius is the water bearer, we need to hold the vessel that allows our water, emotions and grace to flow with ease. We are abundant. We just have to allow ourselves to tap into that space. Get real with yourself and allow yourself to honor what arises during this time. 


Here are some journal reflections for you to look at and dive in with today.

What’s been getting in the way for me to step up and share my authentic radness?


What’s my heart telling me to do?


How can I love myself more than ever before?

What’s been suppressed that I'm ready to release and transmute so that I can find myself living my truth?

What’s been out of balance in my life and what can I do to find that balance again?


What’s been getting in the way for me to step up and share my authentic radness?


What’s my heart telling me to do so that I may actualize my wildest dreams?


How can I love myself more than ever before?

What’s been suppressed that I'm ready to release and transmute so that I can find myself living my truth?

What’s out of balance in my life?


Stop seeing yourself as the victim and allow yourself to be victorious. What you’ve gone through is perfect and it’s here to support those you meet along the way, including yourself and your inner child that may arise time and time again. Liberate yourself from your suffering. Step into the world feeling whole, healthy, happy, balanced, and enough. Shine your heart and allow yourself to go within. Forgive yourself. Honor where you’ve been and how you got here. Get real and honest with your needs. We are truly anchoring this New Earth we’ve been talking about for years. Raising the collective consciousness of the planet is part of our life’s work, but you must remember that it all begins with you first. Be gentle. Be patient. Be kind. Be brave. Be courageous. This is your time.


How have you been feeling with this potent Leo Super Blue Blood Moon? Share with me below and let's uplift one another as we begin to soar to new heights!