5 Truths I Discovered from my 40 Day Social Media Sabbatical

When I told people I was about to dive in to a 40 day Social Media Sabbatical, I got the same response from everyone, “wow. good for you!” It’s not something you really hear from a Millennial. Truth be told, I was addicted to social media for years. The dopamine hits soothed a pained soul who was yearning for love and doing her best to transmute her trauma and heal her pain. Being someone with a Marketing degree and minor in Sociology. I’ve been doing a deep dive into this new technology and discovering it’s effect hue-manity.  It took me walking away for 40-days to feel what life was like without it and wow, was it liberating and spacious. 

When I told people I was about to dive in to a 40 day Social Media Sabbatical, I got the same response from everyone, “wow. good for you!” It’s not something you really hear from a Millennial. Truth be told, I was addicted to social media for years. The dopamine hits soothed a pained soul who was yearning for love and doing her best to transmute her trauma and heal her pain. ...  Read More at SabrinaRiccio.com

Now that I’ve resurfaced, I’m taking with me what I learned over the six week detox. This isn’t the first time I’ve done a 40 day experience. I grew up Catholic so Lent was preparing me to make 40 day commitments normal. It wasn’t until I became a Kundalini Yoga teacher that I learned that it, according to Yogi Bhajan who brought KY to the west, 40 days of practicing something for 40 days you begin to break the habit. As you commit to the journey, you begin to rewire your nervous system and activate new neurons in your brain. I’ve done many 40 day journeys. Mending the Lineage was the 40-day Holiday Meditation Experience I shared around the holidays and was holding space for during my social media detox. 

I heard that for me to hold enough space for the over 500 people who were committed to heal their ancestral karma, I had to get off Social Media. I needed a break. As I was building my business, I shared my healing journey with the world via Social Media. I received letters and notes from people all over the world how I’ve inspired them and helped them. That was a lot to receive on my nervous system. 

I’ve been on a rebuilding journey of my nervous system since being struck by lightning in 2012. It’s been a journey of 4+ year sabbaticals, medicine journeys, years of therapy, personal development, and traveling to cultivate a healthy relationship with myself after years of PTSD. While I count my blessings every day, I always go back to the truth that life is happening for me, not to me and I’m here to live out my Divine Mission to revolutionize hue-manity by helping others unleash their medicine with the world.

This was the first time I took a social media sabbatical for 40 days. While I’ve been at festivals where there’s no cell service, I’ve never had a break like this before. Social Media carries a lot of power and a lot of energy and if you’re an online spiritual business owner, it’s even more important to maintain a healthy balance with technology and disconnection. The answers come in stillness. Preparing for the next round of my Soul Activation Group Experience THRIVE, I knew I wanted to show up as my full, authentic, and energized self so that I can support those who join as they go forth to transmute and heal in order to unleash their medicine with the world.

As I’m at the peak of my Saturn Return, everything has been shifting. After years of doing the work, it was remarkable to take the time to chill and reflect on my journey and evolution. I want you to always remember, you have permission to rest, revisit, and rebuild to actualize what it is you desire to experience. You are here to enjoy life. Allow yourself to have fun, honor stillness, and choose adventure. You make the rules, you’re sovereign. If you’re on the journey and you’ve been trapped or stuck in a narrative, a story, a disappointment, or a lifestyle that feels limited, it’s okay to choose again. This is your reality. Make the most of it and enjoy the ride. 

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Work-Life Balance is REAL.

Coming from a lineage of hard workers, I didn’t know what it meant to rest. I had to teach myself rest. Since I was in Kindergarten, I’ve had challenges to slow down, wanting to have conversation during nap time. I found myself beyond burnt out… I was crisp. After a journey of deep healing, the rise back up to the surface has truly been a ride. I’ve had to learn a new way of livin’, a life where I can say no, thank you. I now choose to give myself permission to honor how I’m feeling and gift myself what my soul needs. Maybe it’s meditation. Maybe it’s a day where I leave my phone at home. Maybe it’s me choosing to go dancing or visiting with a friend. If I’m here building my empire, best believe I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to treat it with respect. We’re here to ENJOY LIFE. The more you enjoy it fully, the more grace you experience, especially when it comes to building your business that’s here to shift the world. Give yourself permission to play and honor that inner child of yours!

Honor What your Body Needs Unapologetically

My sacred body is on this journey with me and if she’s not feeling great, I choose to honor her and listen to her. Your sacred body is on this journey with you and if she/he’s not feeling great, make the conscious choose to honor it and listen to what it needs. If you ignore what she’s trying to tell you, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. Our bodies are such a blessing and they are here to help us carry out why we’re here. Since I’ve been on the journey of healing my nervous system post being struck by lightning, I’ve been around a lot of energy + frequencies and have had a grocery list of health issues. Through plant medicines, Kundalini Yoga, lifestyle changes, and doing the deep inner work, I’ve been able to heal my body. Now, it’s time to be a vessel for change because I’m here to revolutionize humanity.

A Strong Aura is the Key to Success

After years of trauma, I was a sponge for years. In Kundalini Yoga we talk about our light body, aka our aura and the importance of maintaining it’s health. The brighter our aura, the brighter we radiate. Right now, the world needs each of us to rise and glow the truth of who we are. The traumas and pains of our past are simply coming up time and time again because they are yearning for your love. When weak, we have the opportunity to find our inner light again by going within and transmuting what doesn’t serve. Yes, it takes devotion, but what’s stronger than anything is your willingness to experience things differently. Commit to doing the work. As you build your aura, you create a healthy container to experience expansion and as a result, you Radiate Your Radness. I can promise you, it will be worth it.

Create Space for the Manifestations and Guidance to Come Through

Taking a 40 day Social Media Sabbatical is the ultimate space creator. Social Media is a powerful force for social justice, information, change, love. In a world of instant gratification, being willing to take time to slow down and listen, you find in the stillness something rich. It’s your soul talking! Everything is a frequency and things like to come in with ease and grace, not static energy. As you slow down, you honor more of your feminine essence and if you’ve been someone who’s been hustling and go go go-ing, it’s crucial to calm down your masculine essence. Flow with it. Maintain that balance with hustle and flow, just like your work-life balance. Slowing down allows you to hear the whispers. Think of the African proverb, if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. In the quiet that’s found in stillness, you get the answers faster. Once you get that answer, you are able to take action and the guidance necessary to actualize what it is we desire. As you embody and experience that desirable life, you inspire others to take action. Permission Granted. Here, we come together in community to implement change, healthily.

Calm is a Super Power in the Golden Era

Instead of being in the rat race of go go go and always having to post or be on for social media, you have the opportunity to experience calmness. The constant movement can be taxing on your body and your energy. You are here to live your best life. Allow yourself to breathe and do the necessary nonnegotiable for your health and wellbeing. It’s also critical to have a healthy nervous system so that you can receive what you’ve been working towards. The parasympathetic nervous system is the mecca for your fight or flight response. Taking the time to honor your body and what it needs, your body becomes more relaxed and you can begin to honor the flow of life. 

I invite you to do a social media detox and share with me how it goes. As you do the work, you’ll find yourself becoming increasingly sensitive. This is your opportunity to reset so that you can go out into the world and unleash your medicine with the world.