9.20.17 Moon Child Report | Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon.jpg

How are you cleaning up + healing your life? This Virgo New Moon invites us to release what no longer serves, especially those outdated beliefs and habits that keep us playing small.

As the healer of one’s self, Virgo allows us to tap into our own inner medicine woman. The Virgo is the Virgin, the Sovereign Being. We are able to harness the energy of the Virgo when we allow ourselves to know ourselves from all things as knowing what we need to nourish ourselves, to knowing who we are. The Virgin reminds us that we are whole and enough as we are. We don't need someone to fill our voids rather, we are able to take responsibility for our lives and make the changes we need in order to align with our highest self. For centuries, women have carried shame and have suppressed their sexuality during their virgin and adolescent years because they’ve been told that their wholeness isn't enough. While we see the uprising of the Women’s Empowerment movement, we are still carrying the shame from our ancestors that weren’t allowed to fully express their femininity. Having the courage to tap into our inner child, we are able to transmute any limitations that have been placed on ourselves thanks to the society we live in. Today, young girls are extremely pressured by society and their peers to partake in sexual behaviors and actions in order to be liked or to make it amongst their peers. As we heal ourselves and our stories that stem from being pressured by others or even the stories where we suppressed our sexual needs and desires due to religious dogma, we are able to heal not just our sacral chakras, but also our lineage and our future. What are some of the limitations you placed on yourself up until now? How are those rooted in the way you grew up as a child?

Our bodies store the cellular memories of these areas of separation from our Highest Expression. This is our opportunity to heal the shame, doubt, insecurities, rejection, embarrassment, negative self-talk, poor self-esteem and the feelings of inadequacy. Luckily, this Virgo New Moon is holding us and cradling us as the Mother to go ahead and let it go. Let go of all the pain, the insecurities, the shame, the lack of sexual and sensual expression. We have the opportunity to release and transmute it once and for all. What are the parts of yourself that are ready to flourish? This is the time for us to align to our healed and whole selves again. The world is waiting for all of us to rise up. And when I say all of us, it’s not just us as a community, but recognizing the community within yourself that looks like the stories,  ALL THE STORIES, that have shaped you into the person you are today. This is how we begin to live in a space of sovereignty and wellbeing. You have the power to reclaim your power over what has happened FOR you in the past, not TO you.


As we embark on Autumn Equinox, we are about to embark on a new harvest season. To honor the fruits of our labor, we must be willing to prune away the areas that lack the vitality we need to thrive. It’s easy for us to accumulate all of fluff and extra stuff we’ve been holding onto. Most of the time, we find ourselves holding onto the things that no longer serve out of fear or lack. What are the things in your home and in your life you can release that doesn’t bring you joy? It’s important for us to thank and honor the things, pains, and ideas we’re releasing because there was a point where it served a purpose. Remembering that everything is energy, it's only obvious that when we allow ourselves to transmute the outdated beliefs, things, and needs, we allow ourselves to cultivate more beliefs, things, and needs that allow us to align to our fullest, most authentic expression during the harvest season.


As we go forth and heal the areas of our lives that yearn for our TLC, we foster more empathy and compassion for ourselves. It all begins with us, for the inner creates the outer. What we are seeing in the world is the result of all of our past thinking and behaviors. Humanity has witnessed a rude awakening in recent times. When I think about it, I think a lot of the truth that the “Greatest Country in the World” aka the US, is in its infancy stages compared to many other countries on our planet, we must recognize that collectively, the US is growing up.

It’s safe to say we’ve been living in a chaotic world lately. If it isn’t political regimes, its natural disasters. The collective energy we’re experiencing is the shaking before the awakening. We have to be rocked to the core in order to wake up. This is why I put together my new program Stay Woke. It’s easy for us to fall into the zombie zone with modern technology, but when we allow ourselves to reconnect with nature and our surroundings, we are able to find balance and restore the areas in our lives we’ve neglected. Sometimes, it takes that rude awakening to really change our habits.

The biggest thing we must learn in this modern age is the art of slowing down. You wanna know the secret on how to thrive in today's day and age.... it's all about connecting and fostering a strong relationship to our intuition. We have the whole world and all the answers in our pockets, but we have to be careful not to consume too much information. It's all about balance. This is the time to live with discernment (Thank you, Virgo), but to do that, cultivating a relationship within begins the journey of living in total alignment with our Soul’s Truth.

How do we do that? We have to learn to quiet our minds and cultivate a relationship with what we feel. We must allow ourselves to apply what we’ve learned and put our unique flare to it. Through this, we turn information into knowledge.

What is that that you know for sure? When you’re able to come from the space of knowing and Truth, it shows. People are able to resonate and connect with you on an “I See You” level when you are able to recognize the other person as you. We all yearn for connection and when we see ourselves in one another, we remember the Universal Truth that we are all one, simply fragments of the Bigger Picture that is God.

While we must allow ourselves to be nurtured and cared for, it’s important to realize that it's our responsibility to start with the areas of our own lives first. Release the clutter. Atone for your errors. Forgive others who may have hurt you and were completely unaware. Recognize the other person is you. But please, be gentle with yourself. Being tough on yourself or others has the underlying energy of shame and guilt and ain't nobody got time for that. The Universe is asking us to stop playing small and to start getting REAL. We are able to thrive when we can be kind to ourselves and one another. Empathy is key. Just as any mother would do, this is the time to be gentle and to smother what arises with unconditional love.

This is our time to reclaim our wholeness. We came here with a mission and purpose to uplift the Golden Era. As we are in one of the most empowering times of human history, we must take advantage of this blessing and begin by empowering ourselves to align with our Highest Truth. How are you seeing yourself being of service to the world? How do you view yourself? How do you wish to see the world?

As we have the courage to honor our wounds, we can remember that when we heal ourselves, we heal the world. We are able to come out of the other side as a sage, offering the wisdom and tools to help others transmute their pain.We cannot continue to waste our time being in the pit of our shit. While it’s important to not spiritual bypass what we’re feeling, it’s just as important to not get caught up in what it is we think we are lacking in our lives. I’m here to remind you that where you’ve been or what’s happened in your life has shown up to make you stronger. The Universe only gives you what you can handle. So the next time you’re beating yourself up, see it as a gift from the Heavens to smother yourself with love. This is all about inner child healing. Most of the time our triggers go back to some wound from our childhood. This is the perfect time for you to go back to basics and do the things you loved doing as a kid. For me, I dance to the Spice Girls, go hiking, and of course sing my heart out to all the 90s pop + r&b songs.

Take it easy on yourself. We’re all doing our best based on our level of awareness. If we’re too caught up in our pain or what’s going wrong, we forget our truth that at our core, we are Infinite Love. The other things that come up are detours until we align ourselves back to wholeness.


Here are some rituals you can do to honor the Virgo New Moon...

☾ Donate items that no longer bring you joy.
☾ Gather papers from old ideas that aren’t aligned to your best work.
☾ Write a letter to your younger self.
☾ Forgive yourself + others for past errors.
☾ Clear out that junk drawer.
☾ Tap into your sacral chakra and hear how your body + soul wants to express itself.
☾ Honor your inner child and do something you loved to do as a kid.
☾ Connect with Nature + allow yourself the opportunity to breathe.
☾ Free-write in your journal around the topic, “I feel whole and aligned to my highest truth when…”


What illusions have been holding you back? What stories are you ready to heal and transmute so that you can support others who may be going through it? There’s something about owning your story that gives you the power of a champion. If you could overcome that, imagine where else you can call yourself victorious.

Happy New Moon. Set your intentions to release all that no longer serves so that you can show up in the world in all your brilliance. The world is ready for your medicine, beautiful. We are ready for you to be your sovereign brilliance. Your soul is ready for your medicine. You have all the answers within. Honor the little girl who was afraid to express herself. Allow yourself to align with your full and expansive self. Forgive. Keep doing your work! You're slaying the game, beautiful. Just remember to enjoy the ride!