Aquarius Full Moon + Partial Lunar Eclipse | 8.7.17

As I mentioned on a recent episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, this is the summer of great change. Today, we have a partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius that is inviting us to dive in deep into our core truths and beliefs so that we can FINALLY manifest what it is we’ve been desiring.

Eclipse Seasons arise as conduits of great change to our world. Their potency carries on for months after the season has passed. These are times of new beginnings and endings. So the question is, what are you finally ready to release? Where have you been playing small? What are you ready to open your heart to receive?

As we call upon the goddess Diana, we can allow ourselves to stay in alignment with our focused intention. What is the reasoning as to why you want to manifest what it is you truly desire? Is it coming from the Ego or are you being Soul Guided to attract this desire? As we check our ego and return to our hearts with this Sun in Leo influence, we will find ourselves going with the flow when we go forth and allow our heart to take the lead.

And yes, it’s a crazy world out there, but remember, after the chaos comes order. The chaos comes during the waves of change, and here we are able to recognize the radical shift of ascension we’ve been waiting for. Rather than stressing the details, slow and steady wins the race during these times.

You are being invited to be gentle with yourself as you go through these massive upgrades on a cellular and conscious level. Luckily, Aquarius is a rebel. And this Femme influence inspires us to go out there and be courageous enough to make the change we wish to see and experience. Where have you been feeling trapped and playing small? You are embarking on a path of freedom and liberation if you allow yourself to honor the journey, trust the process. Awakening to your fullest self can be scary because it’s an unknown journey, but the reality is, deep within your soul, you know what it feels like. It’s your ego that’s getting in the way because this idea of separation is being healed and transmuted as we continue on this journey from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age.

Full Moons are the perfect time to release what no longer serves. What behaviors and beliefs have been running the show up until now that you know is time to heal and transcend? We become addicted to our behaviors, thoughts, and patterns. When those behaviors, thoughts, and patterns keep us separated from our innate Truth, it’s time to let that shit goooo. As soon as you’re willing to surrender, you’ll find yourself opening new doors to the possibilities and opportunities that await. But the real question is are you willing to practice faith in the unknown and trust what the Divine has in store as you close the old doors and embark on a new chapter?

There is a greater plan happening behind the scenes and often times we are unaware of it until we become a vibrational match and align to the vastness the Universe has to offer us. We are at the 11th hour. This is our time as a society and collective to come together and rise up as we support one another reach our fullest potential. We’ve been brought here during this auspicious time to make great change, but we have to recognize the beauty in store, we must remember that this great change starts within. The inner creates the outer and as soon as you take the time to work on you, you’ll begin to see it in your outer world. You are made of the same elements as the world outside of you, so take your time to balance your inner elemental kingdom.

Like Earth, where can you feel grounded and connected to your truth, Mother Gaia and the world around you to make great change?

Like Water, how can you flow with life and be receptive to all that’s coming your way?

Like Fire, where can you ignite your passions?

Like Air, how can you breathe in light, love, and kindness within the areas of your life that are patiently waiting for sacred space?

For the past 6 months, (since our last eclipse season) we’ve been cultivating the shifts we are about to endure. When the emotions arise, allow yourself to be gentle. This is where we need to work on strengthening our nervous systems to prepare for the shifts that are coming our way if we allow ourselves to open up to the beauty and possibilities in store. You and all of those around you are going through great change. As we go through it, it's important to remember that everyone is doing their best based on their level of awareness. See yourself in their shoes and offer compassion and empathy to those around you that are hurting. This is a time of community and connectivity thanks to not just because of this Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, but also because we are in this new Age of Aquarius.


With this Full Moon, we are here to finally end our inner conflict and battles that have been keeping us in our own hell. As we have taken the time to heal ourselves, and are willing to face our demons, we find ourselves living in a world that mirrors what we’re experiencing within. Allow people to come in and help you. This is what the Aquarian Energy is all about... COMMUNITY! If you’ve been finding yourself keeping your guard up, what is the reason or the memory that leaves you contracted rather than expanding? Go back to that moment and allow yourself to give you the love you were looking for then. Because we create time, we are asked to remember the innate truth that the present, past, and future is all here. You have the capability to go back and heal those wounds with compassion and empathy. Allow yourself to see the world through the eyes of a child. Allow that sense of mystery and wonder to navigate you through these times. Be present and take it one day, one moment at a time.


And now a little snippet about the Lion’s Gate portal opening 8.8.17.


With a Triple 8 energy, we are calling in the Divine Feminine during this time. The Lions Gate is when Earth aligns with the Galactic Center, (27 degrees Sagittarius) and the star Sirius, opening a cosmic portal between the physical and spiritual realms. This is our time where we find ourselves connected to our Spiritual Truths as this surge of light awakens our DNA and activates our human energy fields, transmitting high vibrational frequencies and energetic upgrades of ascension. This is our time to ascend to new heights as we continue to increase our frequencies and receive the downloads and upgrades from our energetic truths and highest selves.

I’ll be talking more about the Lion’s Gate in my upcoming Class, Total Eclipse of the Heart on the Lion’s Gate Portal. Spots are still available for you to join us!

We are gifted this opportunity to shift the way we look at our FEARs. Instead of seeing FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real, we have the opportunity to witness fear and Face Everything And Rise! This is the time for us to be open to the surprises life has to offer and with discernment, knowing that deep inside, we intuitively know we have what it takes to conquer our limiting beliefs. Trust your intuition. Build a solid relationship with your gut instincts. Be aware who you surround yourself with.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m here to support you during this auspicious event with a Kundalini Yoga webinar, Total Eclipse of the Heart.. Here, I’ll be diving in deeper with the Lion’s Gate and offering your tips, tools, and practices to hone into the miracles that await. Tickets are still available for this event on 8.8.17. Simply click here to sign up! If you can’t make it live, you will receive a recording of our time together for you to view at your earliest convenience.

During this time, take some moments of stillness and connect with your soul, your tribe, your tools, and your heart’s truest desires. This is your moment to rise, beautiful. The world is your oyster. Go out there and step out and into the spotlight like the courageous Lioness deep within your soul. You are going through a beautiful rebirthing process and while there’s no denying the realness of growing pains, you have the opportunity to finally align with who you truly are! Be gentle. Experience Joy. Cultivate Peace. And above all, MORE LIFE, PLEASE!


Let me know what you've been feeling these past few days below. This energy is going to last for a few months, so again, this is what you've been waiting for, and I'm so excited to be supporting you on your journey!

xx rin