aries new moon∙child report

Aries New Moon Report

Can you feel it? It’s a Super Moon on this beautiful and powerful New Moon in Aries. As with every new moon, it is a time of renewal and a time to plant to seeds for the next six months. Because of this super moon juju and the fact that we are back to the first sign of the zodiac, it’s a magical and juicy day to plant the seeds for what’s to come. We have not just the Moon in Aries, but we are also seeing the Sun in Aries. Revolutionary Uranus is helping us go within and to shine in our truth.

Clarity is finally here for us. We’ve been playing small for too long. Up until now, we’ve believed we are unworthy, we have been holding ourselves back, we have ignored our intuition and we haven’t been able to truly step into our greatness. Moksha is here for us. We are seeing this freedom from suffering, liberated from our past conditioning as we embrace our authenticity and our truth. We have been in the shadows as of late, but as Spring is here, we are able to finally shine light to our darkness.

Now is the time to be you. New beginnings are here for us. What is required is for us to simply trust and to just be. Be empowered by your story and while there may be some challenging times ahead, remember that all great things happen outside of our comfort zone. Eclipse season is over and now with fiery Aries, we can burn away our pain and what no longer serves. We can create space to allow the new to come in if we remain confident in who we truly are and remember that we are always being Divinely guided. Never lose sight of what is important to you. You are so loved and so worthy of living a life you’ve always dreamed of.