Saturn Returning in Joshua Tree with Athleta

This past April I was part of an incredible opportunity out here in Joshua Tree by the very people who’s vision and passion for home design inspired me to move up to the High Desert to experience my Saturn Return Journey. Now if you don’t know much about your Saturn Return, this is a period in your life that happens every 27-29 years. During this period, the master life coach Saturn helps you revisit your life, see what areas need more of your attention and your love, and where you can align to your highest truth as you begin to embark on your next massive chapter of your life. 

Now as someone who’s just miles away from her childhood home, I knew that moving up to Joshua Tree would bring forth some massive growing experiences. What I didn’t know when I first stayed at Rich + Sara’s The Joshua Tree House back in 2016 with my soul sistar Krista Reierson of Chalice Grove  was how much my life and confidence would shift.

After being settled for some time in Joshua Tree, I ran into Rich and Sara and we instantly connected with our passion for the landscape and for home design. Soon enough, I found myself receiving an email from Athleta, a massive B-Corp Yoga Company that was doing a shoot at Rich and Sara’s house. They wanted to feature me as a local yogi of Joshua Tree to be part of their Fall Campaign. At that moment, things shifted.

Growing up as a woman with curves, I never felt pretty enough to ever be a “model” because I wasn’t tall and skinny. Luckily, the world is shifting and all bodies are FINALLY being honored, no matter what shape or size here in American Culture. For years, I found myself beating myself up because I never saw me as pretty as the girls in the catalogs or in magazines and here I am, on the back cover of a catalog of a massive yoga line into my Saturn Return. 


This opportunity was something I will forever cherish. It helped me love me in ways I never thought possible, connect with other dreamers, and recognize that life is always unfolding in a way that empowers you to honor the journey and trust the process. With this experience, I was able to share my talents and gifts, alongside connecting with some beautiful souls who discovered the magic this sacred land carries. I’m seeing the silver lining and witnessing what’s possible when you just allow yourself to simply be you. While I'm in the homestretch of this Saturn Return Journey, I look forward to see how this continues to unfold. I'm in a space of total surrender, knowing that God not only works in mysterious ways, but that all is unfolding according to Divine Plan.

So here I am, in the Fall Campaign for Athleta that was shot out here in Joshua Tree and Pioneertown. I had the opportunity to connect with beautiful souls, share my medicine and even more fun, I had the opportunity to bring my sound healing crystal bowls into the shoot. Over the next few months, you’ll be seeing me featured on their Instagram and their social media showcasing their amazingly comfy yoga clothes that have LOTS of pockets. For real for real. Much love to Athleta for honoring the female body and all her curves, shapes and sizes. You truly know how to make a girl feel special. Also, much love to my dear friends Rich and Sara Combs for hosting us and being such incredible friends and humans. And thank you to the Athleta team, including photographer Will Davidson for capturing me in my element. Check out some shots from our shoot below!