crane spirit animal medicine

As I left my home today to get back to work after two weeks of deep contemplation and self-care in Costa Rica, a beautiful crane flew by and walked along the street and towards my Nonna’s old home. Costa Rica was an opportunity for me to heal my ancestral karma and my sacral chakra. Instantly, I knew it was a message from my Nonna from the otherside.

Representing the deep feminine wisdom, Crane medicine is a powerful one from the Divine Feminine. She represents Spiritual creativity as she encourages us to let go of all that no longer serves… perfect for the Piscean New Moon and Solar Eclipse we had the other night. Her elegance reminds us to live with grace and to embrace the dance of life as we learn to honor the shadows and the light. As we witness the storm surrounding us, we are asked to find stillness within the vortex as emotions arise.

As I’m facing my fears and quit playing small, I hear the call to be courageous and follow my truth as I reconnect with my inner self. This is the chance for us to honor our dance and to stay grounded as we flow and explore the depths of our soul. As we follow our Sat Nam and listen to our inner guides, we must allow ourselves to not be disrupted by the noise that surrounds us. When we remember that the world outside us comes from our past thinking, we allow ourselves to tune in and lead with our hearts. Recognize that everything in life is love or a call for love. Allow Divine Grace to guide you through your journey. Be receptive and learn to trust the process for the Universe is ALWAYS working in your favor.