embracing kundalini yoga | an introduction to the spiritual technology of the aquarian age

Diving deeper into Kundalini Yoga, it was an honor to be sharing Kundalini Yoga with the masses during my webinar, Embracing Kundalini Yoga. I see how aligned I've been over the past 5 years to anchor in this beautiful Shakti energy to best serve humanity + my soul. 🐍 I heard my Divine Guidance + Yogi Bhajan loud and clear, asking me to step up and be the conduit and birth a new paradigm, teaching people the importance of having healthy + safe kundalini awakenings to unlock their inner Shakti so that they may truly experience Heaven on Earth. 🕊

Since becoming a teacher 3 years ago, it's been incredible to see how Kundalini Yoga has made an impact on my life. 👳🏽‍♀️ After an induced premature kundalini awakening from a challenging LSD experience, my knowledge and inner wisdom instinctively knew what it would take to cultivate a healthy and worthwhile kundalini experience and I look forward to share more with you my nuggets of wisdom. 💫 I heard the call to bridge the gap and be the rainbow connection between the two worlds, just as a true Shamanessa Goddessa would, and brought you this video of me sharing my medicine.

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As I mentioned during this webinar, I'm excited to announce that starting April 12th, I'll be hosting a new e-course, Miraculous Living, A 6-week Group Coaching + Kundalini Yoga Experience. Together, we'll be birthing new paradigms, one conscious experience at a time.



Kundalini Yoga came into my life at just the right time. Since becoming a teacher and student of this powerful technology, my life has exponentially changed for the better! I've been able to cut through years of depression, trauma, pain, and doubt as I've discovered what it means to live with grace, faith, trust, and strength.


As a spiritual mentor, I've heard time and time again from my clients how Kundalini Yoga helped them tap into something they never knew they had in them. Well, I'm here to share with you that infinite potential lies WITHIN YOU, not outside of you!


We are in times where we are being asked to step up and show up. We've been playing small up until now because we've been hearing the voice in our heads for too long, telling us that


we're not enough. we're not worthy. who are you?


What does serve you is you being YOU!


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