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image via pinterest

You have the power to reclaim your sovereignty, right here, right now. You are never forced to do anything that doesn’t make your heart sing. Never forget, the choice is always yours to choose love over fear. You have the power to create the life you experience. As we are in the New Moon of Sagittarius, this half man, half horse reminds us to honor and respect one another. 🐎 You are responsible for the life you choose to experience based on your beliefs.

If you want to tap in to your power, allow your inner wisdom to be the driving force. You are on this journey because you are here to help anchor in love and compassion. This is the chance for you to share your YOUnique gifts and talents. You are here to teach others the lessons you’ve learned along the way and to care for one another.

All of our journeys are unique and special. Each of us have something beautiful to share to help uplift humanity. As we embark on this unity consciousness, we must honor one another. We’re all in this together. There is no separation. Each of us came here because we each have lessons to learn in this lifetime. As we choose to allow love to take the lead, we will witness the spiritual revolution with grace.

No doubt, we are all embarking on a new journey. More than ever are we called to discover our gifts, our freedom, and our sovereignty. This is a beautiful adventure and we must learn how to ride through it as we awaken to our fullest potentials. Stay strong and keep the faith alive.