i'm with her.


I’m with Mother Gaia. She is my home. She gives me life. She provides everything I need. She’s the air I breathe. She’s the water I drink. She’s one the elements, something we share. She is Mamma. She loves me. She comforts me. She is my medicine. She WILL be here for my children and their children and their children and their children. She cannot be ignored.

I choose to love her, honor her, and protect her. I choose to live my life and support her no matter what. I choose to live my sovereignty with her in my mind and my heart. She is not forgotten. Her wellbeing matters most to me. She is my guide. My mentor. My friend. I choose my decisions based on what would benefit and honor her best.

Live your truth. Choose love. Remember, fear is simply the absence of love just as darkness is the absence of light. Choose with conviction. Choose with your conscious. Choose with your heart.

Stand up for clean water. Stand up for truth. Stand up for clean air. Stand up for the oceans. Stand up for the rainforests. Stand up for our land. You are a sovereign goddess. Reclaim your power. This land is your land. This land is my land. This land is our land. Our planet should be our top priority. To my brothers and sisters on the frontline protecting our land and honoring our Divine Ma, thank you. I send you reiki love and light from the highest benevolence of love and compassion. Aho! And so it is.