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art by Serpent Fire

art by Serpent Fire

The feminine is ascending after generations of oppression. Ancient Egyptian Goddess and High Priestess Isis is thriving and alive. The collective has been working hard on clearing and coming to peace with our past lives. Recoding our DNA is crucial for our ascension journey, not just for us, but our future generations. As we heal our wounds from the past, it's best to know where we came from. Because there is only oneness, these goddesses are part of us and are here to help us.

Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene were both devoted followers of Isis and her alchemical teachings of Egyptian tantra. these goddesses were in tuned with the subtle body that they knew the power of the Kundalini. 🐍 it is believed this is how Mother Mary brought in Jesus and how Mary Magdalene was the Divine Counterpart and Twin Flame of Jesus.

As the Ma of nature and magic, we can call on Isis to help heal the planet and humanity as we know it. this is the time for the rise of the Sacred Feminine. Isis represents our feminine aspects of creation, rebirth, ascension, intuition, psychic abilities, higher chakras, higher frequency vibrations, love, and compassion. Call on her to help on our journey as we learn to heal, balance and embrace our Divinity.

She is asking us to help heal her name. the patriarchal system that is dissipating as we are in this new age of Aquarius wants to continue to suppress the Divine Feminine. We can say thank you for what has come until now. They know that when women rise, there is no turning back. this is the time to take back our power. The Divine Feminine is ready to lead humanity with unconditional love and compassion. There is a call for more gentleness and for Divine Grace to lead us. No longer does the patriarchal system serve the highest good of humanity. We are called to honor and send love to the dark parts of the collective's soul. It is all part of us, yet we know the time has come for us to move on and to allow love to take the lead. 💞

How can you incorporate Isis, Queen of Egypt into your life? Share with me below. I read all your comments and I do my best in answering back!