⋗ KALI ⋖

New Years Eve 2015, I chose to get some ink. After one of the most challenging years to date, I felt that it would only be appropriate for me to get moksha tattooed on my neck. Being the Sanskrit word for liberation, moksha has brought me through the fire. This has been predominately my journey for the past seven months. What I didn't know was going to happen was the emergence of a particular Hindu goddess to work through me. Struggling with transcending my ego, I was about to embark on a journey that would really allow me to speak and live my truth once and for all. For years I had this self-serving disillusioned view of what I thought was the reality. At the time, I was still working through my paranoia and many of my fears. I was still living in a dark phase as I was in a healing process of grief after the transition of my grandmother.

This unreality no longer served me. Feeling trapped, I was ready and willing to receive the blessing of moksha. No longer was I willing to have my demons run the show. I was ready to see them come up to the surface to be healed by the light. This rebirthing phase was going to take some time, but I was fully invested to embark on this journey. Long and behold the emergence of Kali Ma.

Known as the goddess of destruction, she is also the goddess of revolution and liberation. As a dynamic, divine force, Kali attracts and repels all in the name of transformation. She throws us into the fire and the chaos because she knows that once we go through the fire, we are blessed with the perfect opportunity of letting go in total surrender, giving us the chance to grow. Tough love is what Kali does best. She knows that the truth and guidance she's offering is to serve the highest good.

Change is never easy, but when we remember that we are never alone,  transition and transformation occur with grace. Kali is one of the best and most reliant goddesses we can call upon for guidance. She is the goddess of perseverance, someone who will follow through until the end. When you find yourself in the fire, wanting to give up, Kali reminds you, keep the faith and keep going.




MANTRA :: Om Kring Kalikaye Namah



Kali is a goddess who doesn't believe in doing anything half-assed. She is an all or nothing bad-ass who has no problem annihilating the false ego. The attachment to the body is the ego's greatest M.O. Kali knows better. Kali helps us break free from ignorance and ego, hence why you can find her carrying a severed head. Kali Ma is often depicted wearing a garland of skulls and a skirt of dismembered arm, symbolizing the ego arises out of the identification with the body. Looking at the greater picture, Kali knows the ego has no place in serving the highest good. She is aware that you cannot evolve in alignment with the Divine if you believe in the false ego. This is why she wears her garland and skirt with pride. Kali is here to help remove dark entities, karmic chords, ancestral curses, and black magic. She helps us remove our inner and outer obstacles while alleviating suffering as we learn to reclaim our soul's power. We can only find liberation when we are detached from our limited bodies. Her black skin represents the womb of the quantum unmanifest from which all of creation arises and into which all of creation will eventually dissolve.

Making the conscious decision to transcend the ego is never an easy journey, but it's worth it. Turning over the story that no longer serves over to Kali, becomes the first step towards liberation. She is here to help destroy what no longer serves. This allows a powerful rebirth to occur.

I had no clue what would be in store.

I grew up with a stubborn "my way or the highway" attitude which left me being burned many times. I learned the hard way to find that inner peace; I had to relinquish control and allow my guides to step in. They were here to help meachieve not just my deepest desires, but more importantly they were ready to help pave the road to serve the highest good.

We must learn to surrender and let go, trusting that our needs will be met. This goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction is also known as the "Black Mother." There is no reason to fear Kali. She is the goddess who teaches us to laugh at our fears and to dance through the fires life brings along the way. The ego wants you to be afraid of her, yet the soul knows better because it's wanting you to see the compassion she has for you. Your Truth has been waiting on her. The force of creation and destruction are two sides of the same coin. Kali reminds us what it means to be alive. She allows the space for transformation to happen and she keeps things interesting and exciting.

We must be anchored in our bodies in order for the transformation to occur. This foundation helps breakdown the ego when we are ready for it. Kali Ma is a force to be reckoned with. She loves the soul too much to not honor and protect it. She is known as one of the most compassionate goddesses because she wants our souls to be liberated. A journey with Kali is focused more-so on growth rather than comfort. As they say, life happens outside of your comfort zone.

The path of awakening is never easy. It involves unlearning everything you've learned along the way. If you want liberation, you must be willing to explore the depths of your soul. Kali is bound to shake shit up. If not, change cannot occur. This may be terrifying to those who have a difficult time not only relinquishing control, but also for those who find it hard to trust the Divine Journey. Many people are fearful of Kali's power.

To those who love, honor and trust her, Kali is ready to activate our spiritual gifts and bless us with protection, prosperity, and well-being. This goddess of enlightenment is ready to help those who are willing to become empty in order to receive what she has to offer. We must be willing to let go in order to gain. See this as an opportunity to release the thought of how life is supposed to unfold and allow the soul to offer the gift that has been waiting to be received.

Personally, I can tell when Kali is working through me. People who need to surrender and release a habit that no longer serves can find at times that being around me makes them feel uncomfortable. I know I shake things up in people; I see them for who they really are, even when they can't. I bless those souls with whom I cross paths by holding space for them as they continue on their life's journey. It is my life's intention to be the light I wish to see in the world by being the lighthouse. People's egos may be temporarily taking the lead and they don't know how to react. Overtime, I've learned not to take anything personally.

Because I am deeply devoted to the healing process and journey, those souls to whom I may cross paths may not be as dedicated or as committed as I am. There is no judgement because where they are is perfect. We all experiencing life based on our level of awareness. I've been known to "be a lot." I refuse to dim my light because I honor myself fully. I am aware that what I offer is a strong presence. I believe we are all capable in living our fullest, divine expression. I respect and honor others for where they are on their journey because I see people on a soul level. I am here to help others awaken to their greatness and to inspire them to be the lighthouse. This path chose me. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be where I am right here, right now.

There is a true art in surrendering to our awakening. It is a crazy, beautiful ride. You can't make this shit up. Allowing myself to flow with Divine Grace has been the greatest blessing and the greatest challenge; I wouldn't have it any other way. Yes, there were moments of extreme pain and yes, there were some challenging times, but looking at the greater picture, it has been completely worth it. Stepping into my Divinity has made me more humble, more grateful, and more compassionate unlike ever before. Kali has given me the strength to detach so that I may live from a space of purity.

I've been blessed to witness first hand my ego lose her grip. She can no longer hold me hostage. The liberation, the moksha, has finally arrived and man, does it feel freeing. Kali is a facet of the Divine Mother. She loves us unconditionally. While she is forgiving, gentle and has our best interest in mind, she wants us to learn. She sees us on a soul level and knows our potential. She sees us as pure no matter what. She is here to help heal our ego. Our ego is our inner child crying out for love. She is here to serve our soul in the most beneficial way. She wants to see us grow and transcend our fears.

The greatest advice, stay the course, beloved. I promise you it is completely worth it.

I'd love to hear your story. How has Kali played a role in your life? Leave a comment below and may your story inspire others to be bold and to learn to let go of what no longer serves.