The Mettamorphosis of my Soul. My Being. My Light. It's finally here.

If you follow me over on Instagram, you may have noticed a shift. I changed my handle from @ShamanessaGoddessa to @SabrinaRiccio. While it may not sound that big of a deal, if you’re a goddesspreneur, you know the energy that comes from your brand. For two years, I was hiding behind the mask of my brand because I was afraid to go out there and REALLY share my medicine. 


Rather than beating myself up for taking so long to make the shift I know has needed to happen for over 6 months now, I’m choosing to be gentle with myself. I needed to fill my cup before taking the plunge. Shamanessa Goddessa is a medicine woman who is here to elevate and uplift humanity by authentically embracing her human experience. I am always Shamanessa Goddessa, but I'm also Sabrina. I am enough as I am. I don't need to be hiding behind a brand anymore. This is the time for me to stand up and ascend to new heights. Break through the glass ceilings. Soar unlike ever before.


For me, it was time to embrace my metamorphosis. I’ve recently gone through some RADICAL shifts of my life since my 28th birthday. Not only was I a bridesmaid for one of my girlfriends, but I was able to clear and face a deep-rooted fear that carried from my past life of dying at 27. Carrying this fear since I was a child, it felt like a liberation once I hit 28. Since then, I bought a house in Joshua Tree, taught at Oregon Eclipse Gathering, and began to really step out into the light and share my medicine unapologetically.


The day of the Eclipse I had a powerful awakening and a deep priestess healing. I realized I’ve been told for lifetimes what love needs to look like. In today’s age, we can easily get caught up in what everyone around us is doing, especially when we are unsure of ourselves or are carrying self-doubt and our insecurities. For me, I was afraid to come out of the spiritual closet, so I remained small. I got caught up in my own wars, my own battles, and of course my fears and insecurities. It was easy for me to doubt myself and my journey. It was complicated, intense, painful, lonely, scary. I felt so disconnected to my body, my purpose, my medicine, my light, and my Spirit. But today, I’m owning my metamorphosis.


Butterflies have been one of my Spirit Guides since I was a child. This year, I found myself reconnected to the medicine of the Butterfly, change, rebirth, metamorphosis. Finally out of the shadow, I see myself emerging as my fullest expression. I’m here to REALLY be here for you all. I’ve seen a massive shift in my ego as I’ve worked to be more in alignment with my Spirit through atonement and radical forgiveness. We are all doing our best based on our level of awareness. When you’re going through the shit, it can be challenging to stay centered, especially when you are just getting into the habit of changing your behaviors and healing your subconscious mind that kept you feeling separate from the world you are cultivating. I’ve gone through it and it sucked, but I’m grateful for it. Now, I can offer you the tools and the wisdom I’ve learned along the way to help you out. Essentially, I see that this is the time for us to really get out of our own way and to align to our fullest, most authentic expression. aka LET YO FREAK FLAG FLYYYYYY!


Be real, be authentic. Vulnerability is sexy. I believe these to be True. These are just some of my spiritual truths and the pillars that keep me up during this Golden Era. For me to practice what I preach, it’s important for me to remain authentic, real, and vulnerable. This is how we embrace a world of diversity and magic. We all have beautiful gifts to share, whether it be through story, community, or collaboration. Authentically stepping up to the plate and having the courage to honor your weaknesses helps you heal them. You find yourself reclaiming your power and your light. We are needed more than ever to embrace our brilliance, warts and all. I suffered in the past, but it gifted me the compassion to see others for where they are and to enter living from a space of neutrality. To appreciate things as they are and to honor the journey and trust the process has allowed me to be more in the flow of life as I embrace Spirit in all things and in all interactions. This is how we experience miracles. This is how we witness a shift in our collective. It all starts with us.


Shamanessa Goddessa will always be a part of me, but she too is evolving. Rather than being the name I hide behind, she’s becoming my sacred ritual space. A space where I share my medicine, my work, my light. As a platform, I’m excited to be sharing tools with you to help you thrive and soar to new heights. There are a few projects I’m working on that are on the fire right now, so please, thank you for being patient with me during this shift. I’m here to share with you everything that helped me along the way. So here I am, ready to step up and be of service to humanity. To you. 


Thank you for your patience when I was playing small. I was going through it. I needed to honor where I was and to be gentle with myself as I healed and grew. Growing pains are real and they happen to the best of us. After years of depression and isolation, I’m looking forward to see how this all unfolds. This is me finally coming into my be-ing. Playing small doesn’t help anyone. The time is now for us to soar and to be the light we wish to see in the world. What I know for sure, I couldn’t have done this alone. I’m so grateful for all of you and for my tribe of goddesspreneurs, medicine women, healers, and change makers that have supported me during my shifts. It’s been a wild ride, but I’m so stoked that the bitch is FINALLY BACK!