peacock medicine

This is your time to express yourself. Remember, your life is your masterpiece, paint it golden. We are all creative beings. The way we live our lives and express our beauty is how we end up seeing the world. Please, have fun out there. There is no need to be so serious. When you live lightheartedly, life becomes easier and more enjoyable. We are here to have fun! Go out there and share your gifts. Find the confidence within yourself to express your true nature. Stand up for your beliefs by showing your true colors unapologetically.

This is the time for humanity to walk the talk. We are being called to live our medicine. We are called to be spiritual activists, standing up for the greatest good. This is not the time to back down, rather, this is our time to come together and create something beautiful for the generations to come. Hold the vision. Trust the process.

There is a greater wisdom coming from all of this, so please, remember to be gentle with yourself. You are rising from the ashes. Expand your horizons and follow your dreams. The world is waiting for your magnificence.