scorpio full moon∙babe report 4.22

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❖≫≫∙ it's always darkest before the dawn ∙≪≪❖

Instill unconditional love to yourself during this beautiful Pink Full Moon. The Scorpio energy this beautiful Full Moon brings forth deals with the Shaman. What makes Shamans so powerful is that they navigate through the dark in order to transcend and bring forth the light. We are in the Sun Sign of Taurus which is reminding us to stay grounded in our truth as we align with our deepest beliefs. We are navigating through the muck.

Not only do we have this powerful full moon, but we also are witnessing Scorpio’s ruling planet, Mars in retrograde, asking us to slow down. Really dive in there and embrace the darkness with patience and compassion and let that fire within you burn bright. We are also experiencing Pluto in retrograde which calls forth transformation and rebirth. We just finished an intense eclipse season and just around the corner is another period of Mercury turning retrograde. We’ve already been living through this retrograde period of Saturn, bringing discipline and structure, and Jupiter, expansion and beliefs, which will bring the count to 5 planets in retrograde. Phew, can you feel it? Plain and simple, the planets are trying to tell us that it is time to allow these planetary shifts to work for us by having the courage and strength to dive in deep.

We are asked to really purge and release what no longer serves. We are here to clean up our subconscious blocks that have prevented us from experiencing our Divinity fully. It may be difficult and challenging, but you have to know that you must go through this if you want to be released from the shacklesConnect to your true essence of being a spiritual being and choose what it is you actually want to experience in your life and stick with it. Keep in mind when what you want will help serve the highest good, you will be unconditionally supported. All of this is part of the Divine plan. Keep the faith and trust that you are being Divinely guided as you take the conscious effort to get your hands dirty and tend your sacred soil. What is about to unfold for you is pure abundance. 

Whatever is coming up to the surface, embrace it with your love and light. Honor your emotions and allow yourself to be vulnerable. You may be feeling waves of anger and frustration, but please, love it all. Be courageous enough to dive in deep and release the fears, doubts, insecurities, false beliefs, frustrations and any self-sabotage. Face the fears and rise in faith.

Connect with your Sacral Chakra and move through the darkness with grace so that you have the opportunity to create a world that supports the highest good. As we come up to Mercury Retrograde, we can set our right foot forward and really intend on clearly communicating to the Universe our deepest desires and what it is we truly want to transform to serve us and the highest good. Write a letter releasing the limiting beliefs that no longer serve and burn it under this beautiful moon. See that fire as the same fire within you to drive you towards your Divine Destiny. May you be blessed as you clear out the pain and allow the love to flood in. I love you to the moon and back and have full faith that you will get through whatever you perceive has holding you back. You have the gifts within you.

share with what is it that is coming up for you during this powerful and transformational time.

we are all in this together.