010 // self-care for the spiritual activist | sabrina riccio


Welcome to this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast. It's been a minute since we've last seen each other! Since then, a series of unfortunate events have erupted in the United States. As a Spiritual Healer + Intuitive, I've been feeling all the feels that have come with this experience. Doing my best to wrap my head around what's been going down, one of the things that has helped me get through it is the underlining message of A Course in Miracles, everything is love or a call for love ; what's real cannot be threatened and anything unreal doesn't exist. What's been real from these past few weeks is the beautiful solidarity amongst our brothers and sisters around the world. Without a doubt, it's been ugly and painful to watch the immoral decision that have occurred from our elected officials. We have been given the opportunity as spiritual beings to reconnect with our truth. In essence, we were made for this, if not, we wouldn't be here during this time. As a spiritual warrior, I know I've done this for lifetimes. Now though, I refuse to sit back and be silenced. In order for us to do our work here on this planet, we must make sure we are honoring ourselves and taking care of our minds, bodies, and spirits.


shamanessa goddessa presents Sovereign Goddess Podcast // self- care for the spiritual activist | sabrina riccio

What's been getting me through these times is the truth that I can choose what this experience means to me. I'm allowing myself to choose the highest thoughts and really allow myself to feel them as they arise. To heal the world, we are called to step up as quantum activists. As we share our medicine, we must allow ourselves to honor the journey. What we are experiencing will only make us stronger than we already are. On this day of Imbolc, we honor the first light of the spring. As we arise from the darkness, Bridget reminds us to never back down. What we are experiencing is clearly the shaking before the awakening. As we are learning to look more within, we will come across our shadows + the parts of us we've repressed. Honor it as it arises. This is an opportunity to purge, find humility, and to embrace all facets of the human experience. We must remember that the Universe has our back and we will never be led astray when we are tuned in with our hearts. All of this is perfect. This is the call for us to honor ourselves and the world around us. We will conquer this battle. All that is required of us is to come together in unity and to appreciate and honor our differences.





↠ steps you can do to practice self care

↠ the different types of activists + how you can be the best activist you can be

↠ the importance of honoring your body

↠ choosing a higher perspective to get through these dark times

↠ tools to help you thrive as you go out into the world + share your medicine