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047 | Being Spiritually Guided + The Afterlife | Morgan Garza + Arizona Bell

Without a doubt, there is a rise of Interest in Spirituality, especially with millennials. As we are all here bridging generations, eras, and millennias, this is the time for us to get honest and real about what it means to live a life in the Golden Era…

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035 | Connecting with Loved Ones on the Other Side and Radiating Your Holiness | Arielle Ford

I’ve shared time and time again that April was always a challenging month for me. It’s a month of Shadow, death, and loved ones who are no longer on this Earth plane. As a Sovereign Goddess, I make the rules and it’s up to me to choose to align to my destiny and the highest benevolence of truth, love and compassion. I decided that from this moment forward, I’m rewriting the story around April. Now, I honor this time to connect with my ancestors to help guide me through my soulistic journey. 

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