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053 | Illuminating your Vision into Manifestation | Shannon Algeo

As many of us have been doing the deep work of Activating our visions into reality and manifesting our desires, it’s important to allow yourself to integrate all of who you are. With us living in the Golden Era, we are understanding the importance of community when it comes to actualizing those dreams…

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047 | Being Spiritually Guided + The Afterlife | Morgan Garza + Arizona Bell

Without a doubt, there is a rise of Interest in Spirituality, especially with millennials. As we are all here bridging generations, eras, and millennias, this is the time for us to get honest and real about what it means to live a life in the Golden Era…

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046 | All Good Things are Wild and Free | Tara Mackey

It's not everyday you meet someone like Tara Mackey. After months of waiting to finally have a heart to heart conversation with Tara, sitting with her in her San Diego home was truly an honor. A multifaceted goddesspreneur, Tara has defeated the odds, showing the world that you are so much more than a label and diagnosis.

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