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057 | Sound Alchemy + Amplifying your Human Experience / Shane Thunder

There is so much curiosity around sound healing these days. People are gathering in groups for sound baths, educating themselves around the various frequencies of sound and what it does to your cells and your body, and of course, they are craving gongs and crystal bowl baths wherever they can find it…

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Saturn Returning in Joshua Tree with Athleta

This past April I was part of an incredible opportunity out here in Joshua Tree by the very people who’s vision and passion for home design inspired me to move up to the High Desert to experience my Saturn Return Journey. Now if you don’t know much about your Saturn Return, this is a period in your life that happens every 27-29 years. During this period, the master life coach Saturn helps you revisit your life, see what areas need more of your attention and your love, and where you can align to your highest truth as you begin to embark on your next massive chapter of your life. 

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