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034 | Navigating + Aligning Through Your Saturn Cycles & Saturn Return // Sandy Sitron + Dana Balicki

Every 7 years, we are personally facing areas in our lives that are yearning for our love and attention to make sure we are aligned to our Sat Nam. Why you ask? It’s because Saturn is making big moves in your astrological chart. Once you reach the ages of 28/29ish and 56/57ish and again when you're 84/85ish, you’ll find yourself experiencing a Saturn Return where Saturn has made a full orbit and is back in the same sign when you were born…

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030 | Reclaiming your Power From the Patriarchy Through Astrology // Evelyn Von Zuel

As we find ourselves deep in this Eclipse portal post the Super Everything Moon in Leo, many of us light leaders are having to come to terms and face the things we’ve been repressing for years, possibly even lifetimes…

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