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Conquering Psychic Bullying of the Patriarchy

When I think of shadow work, much of it comes from the pain of our past. Stored in our subconscious minds, if we don’t allow ourselves to come from the perspective that the world is unfolding for us, not to us, we allow ourselves to reclaim our power back. To me, this is what sovereignty is all about. When things arrive that may not be all unicorns and rainbows, we can see it as an opportunity to be the alchemist and choose love, recognizing that the icky stuff is arising to be healed, forgiven, and transmuted to help serve the highest benevolence.

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scorpio full moon∙babe report 4.22

Instill unconditional love to yourself during this beautiful Pink Full Moon. The Scorpio energy this beautiful Full Moon brings forth deals with the Shaman. What makes Shamans so powerful is that they navigate through the dark in order to transcend and bring forth the light. We are in the Sun Sign of Taurus which is reminding us to stay grounded in our truth as we align with our deepest beliefs. We are navigating through the muck.

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