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if you choose an awakened woman...

As a Priestess who has heard the call to help empower the Divine Feminine, when I came across this beautiful piece from Sophie Bashford, my heart soared. As women, we have heard the call to awaken to our truth and to embrace our light. Going forth, we stand our ground with confidence and conviction. We know our worth and we are fully aware that we deserve the same amount of love we put out into the world.

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As of late, I've been learning to really embrace my sensuality. for years I found myself ashamed of my body. I was pushing 200 lbs, suffering from prolonged depression, disconnected with my femininity. I grew up with the belief that my body was no bueno. as a child, I loved to be naked. I was that baby who sat on the driveway butt-ass naked. If that wasn't an indication to my mom that I would grow up being a hippie, I don't know what was.

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