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what the lions gate 8.8 portal means for you

Can you feel the shift? On August 8th, we welcome in the opening of the Stargate. As we ALL know, these past few months have been INTENSE. As we've witnessed some radical planetary retrogrades, we are also seeing our world shake up. We are calling in change. We are calling in a new earth. We are calling in more love. But first, we must be grounded and we must want this for ourselves.

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you do you boo

Stay true to your soul. 🦄 Be open and willing to go out there and express yourself with grace. 🔮 Be real. Be authentic. Make your own magic because baby, YOU ARE MAGIC! 💫 You are one of a kind. Your YOUniqueness is just what we've been waiting on and I can reassure you it's just what you've been waiting for yourself 🙂 Be bold. Take risks. If some people don't like it, it's there loss. 👋🏽

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letting go + total surrender

These past two months have been a complete whirlwind for me. I've been shaken to the core and I've been really given the opportunity to release what no longer serves. In the beginning of March, I was rushed to the ER with gallstones. Choosing the holistic approach to release and heal rather than the easy fix of removing my gallbladder, I've allowed myself to fully embrace this adventure.

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