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019 // Crystal Muse. Tuning In To the Real You | Heather Askinosie + Timmi Jandro of Energy Muse

For over two decades, Timmi Jandro + Heather Askinosie have joined forces and elevated the world with their passion for crystals through their company Energy Muse. Growing up as childhood friends, these goddesspreneurs have been interested in mysticism since little girls. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting these ladies at their beautiful space to talk about all things Crystals.

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i'm with her.

I’m with Mother Gaia. She is my home. She gives me life. She provides everything I need. She’s the air I breathe. She’s the water I drink. She’s one the elements, something we share. She is Mamma. She loves me. She comforts me. She is my medicine. She WILL be here for my children and their children and their children and their children. She cannot be ignored.

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