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016 // Mary Magdalene. The Rise of the Divine Feminine Essence | Faye Wylder

Faye Wylder is one of the leading voices for Mary Magdalene, sharing her message with grace in business and life. One of my personal favorite pray-ers, Faye is a light caster. Radiating her truth and being a vessel to allow the wisdom of Mary Magdalene to enter, she recalls the story told of Mary Magdalene brought Faye to study and connect deeper with the Sophia. It was in an initiation in 2012 through breath that Faye found herself baptized by the water with Yeshua holding the towel to dry her off…

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012 // conquering shame. how psychedelics saved my life | sabrina riccio

For 5 years, I was afraid to speak my truth on what was really on my heart. Doing my best to "fit in" the yoga community while doing my best to also figure out who I am, I realized I was hiding in the spiritual closet. For years, I was afraid to shine my light because I carried shame after a difficult LSD experience. After feeling like I disappointed society, I carried that shame until very recently…

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004 // shifting the paradigm through sacred sistarhood | rachael webb

In this episode of Sovereign Goddess, Sabrina Riccio embarks on a multi-dimensional journey with Spiritual Business Advisor Rachael Webb. We are in a time and age where spiritual activism is more important than ever before. As we witness history in the making with events like Standing Rock and the #NODAPL movement, we are called to gather the troops and come together in unity. Rachael and Sabrina get real vulnerable in this episode as they share their rising of the phoenix stories.

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