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4.26.17 Moon•Child Report | Taurus New Moon

In order for us to manifest what we truly desire, we must accept and honor the truth that everything we need in this very moment is provided for. We have enough. We are enough, just as we are. This journey is the destination. As we find happiness and joy for what's in front of us, we'll be able to manifest what it is we truly want at a more rapid rate. Life is a sacred ceremony, where all of this is perfect. As we learn to align with our magnificence, we'll be able to navigate through this time and space with ease and grace.

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taurus new moon report 5.7

Be. Here. Now. While here on Earth, we have been gifted this beautiful miracle known as the present moment. New Moons are the perfect opportunity to plant new seeds. Once planted, all that is required from us is faith. The calling is for us to fulfill our spiritual service to the world, yet we must honor what’s in front of us. Enjoy the moment and tune in to your senses whenever you find yourself drifting away from the now.

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