4.26.17 Moon•Child Report | Taurus New Moon

Taurus New Moon by Shamanessa Goddessa


With the powerful influence of Taurus, this Feminine Earth sign reminds us to get grounded and to love what is in this very moment. We've been through a lot lately with all the energetic + cosmic upgrades and retrogrades these past few months, but we must remember that all of this is helping us prepare for what's to come. During these times, we are asked to be patient with ourselves as we learn to honor the journey and trust the process. When you plant seeds, you trust that with sun and soil, they will grow. You don't disrupt the process to see the seedling break through the soil. So too must we learn to cultivate patience as the seeds we've planted take the time to grow and bloom. We must be able to clear out the old in order to make room for the new that's in store. We are being asked to take the time to ground and honor ourselves as well as the world around us. This is our chance to slow down and reevaluate where we can love more in our lives.


In order for us to manifest what we truly desire, we must accept and honor the truth that everything we need in this very moment is provided for. We have enough. We are enough, just as we are. This journey is the destination. As we find happiness and joy for what's in front of us, we'll be able to manifest what it is we truly want at a more rapid rate. Life is a sacred ceremony, where all of this is perfect. As we learn to align with our magnificence, we'll be able to navigate through this time and space with ease and grace.


This is the time to break free from the dogmas and ancestral karmas of the past once and for all. We have what it takes to heal lifetimes of pain, but we must be able and willing to face our shadows. We have the opportunity to break free from the matrix once and for all and the toxic cycles as we choose to follow our heart's guidance. In order to do that, we must be willing to find stillness and listen to the whispers of our inner guidance, our intuition. As we learn to trust our gut instincts, we can navigate through the changes easier. While we can honor and respect where we've come from, we must be adaptable to what's happening in front of us. Staying present in this very moment, we are able to choose love when the shadows arise and to find gratitude for all the beauty that surrounds you. As we pave new roads, we are asked to look within and find what parts of our lives need to be more stable so that we can build on top of solid ground as we go forth and birth new paradigms with ease and grace. As Taurus is ruled by Venus, we are asked, "Where can you make peace with your past, especially in relationships?" Now, this doesn't necessarily mean romantic relationships, this can also mean relationship with your body, your work-life balance, your friends and family, your planet. Life is all about relationships and it's up to us to claim responsibility for our actions and to do what it takes to cultivate healthy and balanced relationships in all facets of our lives.


When I think about this New Moon in Taurus, I think about my favorite Yogi Bhajan quote.

Patience pays. Wait. Let the hand of God work for you. The One who has created you, let Him create all the environments, circumstances, and facilities and faculties.

Oh individual, why you are in a very doubtful state? The One who has made you will take care of you. The One who has created this Universe, all the planets, planetary faculties and facilities on Earth, He is the One who has created you. Wait. Have patience. Lean on him. And all best things will come to you.

Dwell in God. Dwell in God. Dwell in God. Befriend your soul. Dwell in God and befriend your soul. Dwell in God and befriend your soul. Dwell in God and befriend your soul. All the faculties and facilities of the Creation, which are in your best interest shall be at your feet. You need million things. Million things will reach you if you are stable, established, firm, patient. Remember, Creator watches over you and Creation is ready to serve you, if you just be you.

So please take away the ghost of your life and stop chasing round. Consolidate. Concentrate. Be you. And may all the peace and peaceful environments, prosperity approach you forever. Sat Nam.
— Yogi Bhajan

During this New Moon, go forth and set your intentions for what it is you want to manifest in order to maintain stability + balance. This is fertile ground right now and you have the power to go forth as you build your queendom with grace. Be gentle with yourself and the process, darling. All is unfolding just as it should. Remember to breathe, focus on what you're grateful for, and have patience.

In what areas can you learn to have patience and to trust the journey? In what ways can you learn you relinquish control as you learn to flow more with how your story unfolds? I'd love to hear where you're ready to grow in the comments below.