taurus new moon report 5.7

edit by shamanessa goddessa

edit by shamanessa goddessa


Be. Here. Now. While here on Earth, we have been gifted this beautiful miracle known as the present moment. New Moons are the perfect opportunity to plant new seeds. Once planted, all that is required from us is faith. The calling is for us to fulfill our spiritual service to the world, yet we must honor what’s in front of us. Enjoy the moment and tune in to your senses whenever you find yourself drifting away from the now.


As you find yourself during this fertile time to plant new seeds of what it is you truly want, we must remember that how it unfolds is out of our control. Things may not go the way we planned, but we know that what is unfolding is to help benefit the greatest good. This New Moon wants us to get in touch with our essence and our truth.

Often times we find ourselves so caught up in our Spiritual Path that we forget to honor the blessing it is to have this human experience. We must find the balance. Living from a space in neutrality helps us be. Happiness is found through contentment. What you are going through is preparing you for what’s to come. Conscious awareness is key right now. Find acceptance as to what it is you are going through at this moment. Keep your eyes on your focused intention.


Ruled by Venus and a feminine sign, Taurus is here to help us connect with our own feminine energy. This is the time for radical self-care. Take care of yourself and your temple. Your body is here to help guide you along the way. Honor it and appreciate it. Because we are witnessing the third Supermoon in a row, we may find that we are more sensitive and emotional during this time. We are on our way towards 5D, but to bring us forward into this unified energy of love and compassion, we must release the dense energies that no longer serve us. This is a time to transcend. Ruled by the heart, Taurus thrives on love. Love what is coming up. Love the fact that you have this incredible body to get to call yours. Love the experiences you've gone through thus far for they have brought you the gift of wisdom and compassion.


With five planets including Mercury and Mars in retrograde, we are really called to understand this is the time for patience and to really reevaluate what we want to manifest. We are really purging and releasing what no longer serves. Taurus is here to remind us that all is well and that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Obstacles may arise as we continue to go through this powerful and energetic time, yet we must honor it all. This is truly a time to slow down and trust in Divine Timing.

We have been diving in deep into the shadows of our subconscious, clearing out and releasing what no longer serves. Since doing so, we have created space for the new to come. Embrace this death. In doing so, we allow transformation to occur. Find yourself and appreciate this moment in full surrender. Allow the past to fade away. Don’t worry about the future. If you are finding contentment in the Now, there is only love and endless possibilities coming your way. Watch your life unfold.

Change can be scary, yes. It’s difficult to surrender control and to trust into the unknown. Do what it takes to get yourself grounded and connected to your soul, to Mother Gaia, and to your Sat Nam. Be in touch with your values and work on finding yourself in alignment. This is your opportunity to really start living the life of your dreams. Build your relationship with your intuition. Honor your greatness and your gifts you are here to bring to the world. Get out of your head and open your heart to love. Watch the miracles unfold.


I want to hear from you. What are you doing this lunar cycle to take care of you? How are you grounding? What no longer serves that you are ready to release? Comment below and affirm that you are ready to make the change in your life.