the past is over


In THIS moment, breathe and let it be. 🌬Things are unfolding and are working out. Be patient. You've set your intention. You've surrendered it. You've let it go. Now, let the miracle unfold with grace. 💫Walk by faith, not by sight. The Divine surrounds you. All is perfect, right here, right now.🌻 ⠀
What's done is done. The Universe is reorganizing and is always self-correcting. You've had the opportunity to learn a new lesson, now run with it. You've grown and are much stronger because of it. 💪🏽 Forgive yourself. Release the pain. Be gentle and kind. 🙏🏽 You are incredible! Keep your head up and keep moving forward! Be grateful for the past. Honor your story. Set yourself free and just be. ✌

What are you releasing? What are you forgiving yourself for? I'd love to hear more.