The Shadow

When you’re going through it, all the feels of inadequacy, not enough, judgement, self-doubt, need to be perfect… you get the drift, they all come up. Why you ask? It’s an opportunity for you to slow down for a bit and pay attention as to how you can go back to your natural state of love. Love is who you are. With love, true love, you know it’s enough. You know what you’re capable of achieving. You’re patient with yourself. Kind to yourself. You never give up on yourself because love never fails. You live with the faith that all is unfolding as it should according to Divine Plan. You can wait for the outcome because you have the confidence that what’s yours is yours. Before receiving that approval or affirmation outside of yourself, you must first find that within yourself. As you look within, you awaken to your fullest, most authentic and rad self. THIS is the you you are capable of being and it’s the you that lights up the world effortlessly. You’re enough as you are.

To embrace your shadows and to love them unconditionally is how you become a whole and genuine person. As you begin to embrace who you are, and I mean really embrace all of you, I can promise you, people will become more attracted to you.. the REAL you. This is the time to stop putting up the fronts and to take off the mask because we are living in times where people feel they aren’t alone. Your authenticity inspires the world that who they are is enough. Touching one person’s heart with your authentic and vulnerable self, enables you to touch all the hearts because we are all universally connected.

This has been one of the main driving forces behind Stay Woke. The dark night of the soul is ready for your light. Allow yourself to look within and awaken to your fullest potential, because the world is ready for your medicine. I invite you to join me for Stay Woke for the introductory price of $88. Thank you for allowing me to embrace my shadow and to stand here as my full authentic self. I love you so much.