tortoise medicine

Abundance awaits, but never forget, slow and steady wins the race. This is a time to be gentle and find gratitude and appreciation for the process. This is all divinely guided.

As you embark on this new chapter of your life, pay attention to details. If you really want to anchor in your desires, you must allow yourself to be patient and allow mother nature to flow. Flow with the currents, this is about going downstream. The best medicine is to connect with nature daily. Get outside. Hug a tree. Visit the waters. Smell the roses.

You will get through this. Please, listen to what your soul needs. This is your time to rise. Get out of that shell and go out into the world and do something you’ve never done before. You’ll know when to slow down and when to pick up the pace. Find balance and honor your soul. This is our call to be in the flow and allow nature to take her course. Be gentle with yourself during this time. And always remember to breathe.