Why Do You Hide?

Why do you hide?
Deep down, you know what you’re capable of.
Is it from the world outside that you carry on your shoulders?
Or is it from the doubts in your head that consume your attention + energy?
Are you playing small because you think, “who am I?”

You, my love, are one of a kind.
There’s no one that’s ever lived on this luscious planet quite like you.

You thrive as you honor the beauty + radiance of you. Your curves, your mistakes, your dreams + your passions have contributed to the beauty of this human experience. An experience no one can take away from you. You’ve survived the depths of the soul.


Through forgiveness, you soften + expand your heart.
Through compassion, you share your inner light.
Through empowerment, you inspire others that they are worthy to follow their dreams. That they aren’t alone. Through faith, you believe + know all things are possible.

You see, we need you + your medicine. The world is waiting for you to show up + shine your authentic radness. The blessing of you was divinely orchestrated to be part of the awakening of Mamma Gaia + humanity. This is the time for you to step up. To show up. To simply be you.

You are a beacon of light who can no longer be dimmed. Like the sunrise, your light brings peace, hope, a new dawn. Your journey has been divinely guided. You’ve learned the lessons along the way. They’ve made you stronger, wiser. As the sage, you share your wisdom in a way no one else can.

So please, stop hiding behind the facade. Stop siding with the voice of fear. Stop holding back. Stop selling yourself short. You are an arrow being pulled back, ready to soar far ahead. Enjoy the journey. Honor what it took to get to this very breath. Allow your freak flag to fly.

You, my love, are exactly what the world needs. 
You, my love, are worthy of experiencing a life far beyond your wildest dreams.
You, my love, are beautiful as you are.
In this moment, you are more than enough.
You are here to be wild + free.
You are the one you’ve been waiting for.


xx Rin