Welcome to the World of Modern Mysticism

Welcome to the World of Modern Mysticism


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Awaken your power and discover the teachings of Kundalini Yoga

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Embracing Astrology as the language of the future alongside the power of Kundalini Yoga, you have the opportunity to navigate through this time and space with more ease and grace. 

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Conscious Business

So you heard before how I’ve been making my mess my message. There’s no denying I’ve been guilty of the Goddesspreneur Burnout myself. While there’s no denying, I’m passionate to inspire people to be real, be authentic as we embrace all facets of the human experience. Part of that human experience is to know what it feels like to reach the point of exhaustion. It’s all an opportunity for us to learn, gain empathy, and choose again.

We live in a paradigm where we have the whole world at our fingertips… literally. Since the advancement of modern technology, we’ve grown custom to instant gratification. We can tap into that instant gratification to shift our perceptions over to love when we find ourselves caught up. Living in the Golden Era, we have the power to use technology wisely. In an instant, we can turn this train around so that we may follow the path that’s in alignment with the highest benevolence of Truth, Love + Compassion.