Welcome to the World of Modern Mysticism

Welcome to the World of Modern Mysticism


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Embracing Astrology as the language of the future alongside the power of Kundalini Yoga, you have the opportunity to navigate through this time and space with more ease and grace. 

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Modern Mysticism

There’s no denying we’ve been experiencing a Spiritual Warfare between the Ego and the Soul. Thing is, the Soul will always win! The ego is simply a fragmented part of ourselves that’s yearning for love, to been seen, honored, healed, and comforted with compassion.

What is Mercury Retrograde

With recent years, Mercury Retrograde has had a bad rap. Truth is, it’s time to embrace the Medicine of Mercury Retrograde.

Modern Mysticism

Sometimes there’s time to fight the good fight. And sometimes, it’s time to come up with a peace treaty. A hero is one who overcomes their trials, keeps going when the going gets tough, and supports those who are troubled, always keeping at heart what serves the highest benevolence. Truth be told… warrior is old […]

With Kundalini Yoga, you can shift your energy + become a vibrational match to your desires in just 3 minutes. Here’s how to Tune in and get started.

Modern Mysticism

Sahasrara is the thousand pedal lotus that reigns on top of our heads + activates our enlightenment. Support your Crown Chakra with these Kundalini Mantras.

Anchoring into our multi-dimensional potential, we begin to activate our Truth as multi-sensory beings. Awaken your Superpowers with these Kundalini Mantras.

Modern Mysticism

Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra, is a power center and the place where you are able to Speak and Live your Truth with conviction. Here, you’ll find your confidence, independence and a sense of security.

Anahata, the Heart Chakra is developed between the ages of 22-28. There’s no accident that most of our 20s, we are doing the true work of self-discovery. Allowing ourselves to heal the lower triangle that was developed before we turn 21, we find ourselves loving our inner child, seeing what’s happening with our perspective about […]

Modern Mysticism

Oh the Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus chakra deals with our gut instincts, our determination, confidence, boundaries and inner peace. Manipura is ruled by the element of Fire. This is where our digestion reigns, giving us the strength and grit to out there and build the queendom with grace. Of course, these are the years […]