Chapter 001 | Spirit Speaks to Those who Listen

Spirit Speaks to Those Who Listen

Welcome to Chapter 001 of Thrive! Over the next 8 weeks, we’re gonna be diving in deep to transmute what no longer serves so that we can be in a state of alignment to go forth and share our medicine and radiate our radness. These first 4 weeks, we’ll be embarking on the Shamanessa Goddessa Medicine Wheel to complete the cycle so that we can soar to new heights. 


In Spirit Speaks to Those Who Listen, we’ll begin with the East, representing the Spiritual Essence of who we are. This also deals with our childhood, our foundation. Our foundation stems from our ancestors. As we uplevel our human experience, it’s important for us to honor where we came from. You doing the work helps heal your lineage. You get to rewire your brain, reprogram your DNA, and transmute the cellular memory of trauma and pain that’s been carried by your ancestors. You have the power to rewrite the story by diving in deep and hearing to your inner child and giving them what they needed during those moments of pain, sadness, feeling unseen or heard. You don’t have to carry it any further. You don’t have to go through a long process. You just have to decide that you’re willing to see things differently.


Navigating through this time and space, it’s important for us to be inspired. In-spirit and intuition are same same, but different. Tapping into our spiritual selves, we remember who we are. We are able to navigate through this journey knowing that we are safe to be who we truly are. We are supported, we are loved, we are worthy of living a life far beyond our wildest dreams. It’s possible. We need to allow ourselves to listen to our bodies and to listen to the intuitive hunches. Begin to TRUST you. Trust the universe. Trust that life is happening for you, not to you. Listen to your body and what she’s telling you.

There is a deep truth in the power of the words. You are here to not be a victim of your reality… you are here to be victorious. You are here to rise above the perceived limitations. You are here to experience the life far beyond your wildest dreams. You’re worthy of it. I want you to become more conscious and aware of the words you use to express how you’re feeling, how you speak to yourself, how you speak about others or your circumstances. Your words carry a vibration and through that vibration, you become a vibrational match to the reality you are experiencing.


Begin to recognize how you’re supported. Begin to see the beauty and abundance that surrounds you. Begin to witness the miracles that are always present. The synchronicities that are reminding you that you’re in alignment. Life is happening for you, not to you. You have the power to anchor in Heaven on Earth by being you. By honoring you. By loving you. Go out there and take action. Go out there and allow the miracles to unfold. Go out there and be open to the love that surrounds you. You are worthy of living the life of your dreams. Believe in that. Believe in the fact that it’s all happening. It’s all coming together. This is your time. You’ve been working hard and you’re continuing to show up and do the work. The world is ready for your medicine.