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Conscious Empowerment

Welcome to Chapter 003 of Thrive!

We are living in critical times here. More than ever, we are being called to show up and step up. This is about Conscious Empowerment. It’s about us becoming aware of our energy, our highest potential, and going out in the world to share our medicine fully and completely. It’s about us cultivating the balance between our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within.

As we begin to take responsibility for our actions, knowing that we are creating our reality with every intention, every breath, and every belief, we begin to remember that we are the captain of our soul. It’s about us choosing our reality and doing the internal work to face our blocks and transmute the limiting beliefs.

Cultivating that balance, we recognize within ourselves that to anchor Heaven on Earth, we must be willing to honor our Masculine and Feminine energies to allow our creativity and our medicine to be shared with the world. It’s about us taking action while also being receptive and integrate the work we’ve done.

Something many of us had to teach ourselves is the fact that boundaries are CRUCIAL, especially when you’re an empath. It’s about you honoring yourself, knowing when to say "no, thank you,” and taking responsibility for your energy. Be willing to get real, out yourself, and then begin to choose again. Because everything is energy, it's crucial for you to love yourself and honor your needs.

In this week’s Wake Pray Slay, I invite you to use this Alternate Nostril Breathing anytime you need to create a deep sense of well-being and harmony on the physical, mental, and emotional levels, or simply put, if you need to calm the eff down.

This is about you owning your radiance, you showing up fully and showing the world what you're made of. No more playing small, boo. This is the invitation you've been waiting for.

Looking forward to see you soon!