Manifesting Your Reality

Welcome to Chapter 004 of Thrive!

For the past 3 weeks, you’ve been diving in deep, recognizing the patterns and loops that have held you back from going out and radiating your authentic radness. Deep down, you have that desire to show up in the world and share your medicine, your gifts, your talents. Well my love, now is the time. This is where you begin to step out of the spiritual closet and align to those desires. You’re here, expanding your spiritual tool belt because you know you’re worthy of living the life of your deepest desires. You are here to manifest your destiny as you align to your authentic radiance. You bring something to the table no one else can offer and it’s up to you to show up.

What is it that you really want? I mean your deepest desires in your heart and soul. What are they? As we get clear and speak with conviction what it is we want, we will receive in Divine Timing.

Be aware! It can hurt you too. When we feed our lack mentality + talk about our scarcity, or our doubts and fears are constantly playing on repeat, we feed more of that. It’s true when they say your vibe attracts your tribe. You have the power to choose better.

I want you to know. You are worthy of achieving your desires. This is a world filled with abundance, love, and fun! This is your time to stop playing small and start going out there! When you not only believe, but have complete faith knowing what is yours, you’re able to surrender it all up to Divine Creation to take the lead and work behind the scenes, trusting that it will all unfold as it should. So relax. Find the dance between the hustle and flow. Listen to the steps Spirit is guiding you to take. Trust your Intuition. Honor your body. Be in a state of gratitude.

In Kundalini Yoga we talk about the 10 bodies. I’ll be diving in deeper with that the next few weeks. In the meantime, I’m here to share with you a powerful Kriya for this week’s Wake Pray Slay. Gyan Chakra Kriya has been popping up all over the place because it’s POTENT. 

The arcline is located earlobe to earlobe. As women, we have 2 arclines, nipple to nipple. A strong aura protects you from negativity and it may shield you from disease + accidents. This is the time for you to tap into your own intuition, radiate your radness, and be a light maker who blesses and uplifts environments and circumstances around you.  Allow yourself to brighten you halo as you build your aura and call in the prosperity. Here, you’ll begin to tap into your life’s purpose, your past lives, and your soul lessons.

This is a time for deep reflection to remember what you value, why you’re here, and how you can go forth and best serve humanity through your presence, beliefs, and actions. 

Looking forward to see you soon!