Stay Wild Moon Child

Welcome to Chapter 005 of Thrive!

We've done a full month of deep self exploration. Now is the time for us to dive within, while also connecting with the Cosmic Guidance that's always here to support us. This session of THRIVE has been years in the making, that I'm beyond honored and excited to share with you the magic and medicine La Luna offers.


We experience a 28 day cycle with la luna as she illuminates the sky. Because we are made of over 70% water, we are most definitely affected by her just as the tides are. As you begin to connect to how her shifts effect you, you'll begin to understand and know how to align to your highest self. Not only does la luna shift in her phases, but every 2.5 days, she also shifts astrological signs. Knowing what sign she's in, you can understand the external energy and work with it to support you as well. 


To take it to even a deeper level, it's great to know the planetary influence for the day of the week. Every day is ruled by a certain planet. With each day, you can go forth and work with this energy as a one up in your business and life. Allow this time to connect with your Divine Feminine essence by taking the time to honor you, your phases, and what makes you a bad ass goddesspreneur.

This week's session is filled with information. Rather than the typical Wake, Pray, Slay, I was hearing to offer a moment to just be. We are living in times where we are called to go go go, but we often forget how powerful it is to simply be. This week is all about setting the intention for the weeks ahead as we approach a New Moon. I suggest you download the slides as a guide book to support you as you learn and ingest what La Luna and her phases are all about. For your reflection, rather than being a week long experience, you'll be able to work through the worksheet over the next 28 days to truly work with La Luna to uplevel your business and life. 

This is when you are called to truly honor yourself. The world needs you to show up fully and authentically. You going out there aligning to your highest self gives permission for others to do the same. Lead by example. Show them how it's done. Fill up your cup and radiate your radness. Get ready! Your relationship with la luna will never be the same!

Looking forward to see you soon!