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Living Your Sat Nam

Welcome to Chapter 007 of Thrive!

We’re almost at the home stretch. Before we get there, I want to talk about the importance about you Living your Sat Nam. In Kundalini Yoga, we close every class with the mantra Sat Nam. It translates to Truth is your Identity. As we go through and experience the kriyas and meditations, we transmute the challenges that are stuck in our bodies and our auric fields so that we may go forth and radiate our radness, simply by being who we truly are.

You are not what’s happened to you. What’s happened to you has prepared you for this. It’s prepared you for what’s to come. You’ve become stronger and wiser through what you’ve experienced. As you get out of the victim mentality and choose to be victorious, you allow yourself to experience you to your fullest capacity. The privilege of a lifetime is you being your authentic self.

Truth is, we need you fully. Not a half assed version of you. Know when to disconnect. Know when to chill out. Know when to say no, thank you. Know to honor your space.

We are all here to walk each other home. Now is the time for you to honor where you’ve been. You are here to share your experiences to help the masses. There have been no accidents. All of this has been Divinely Guided. 

Perseverance is everything. It’s about you following through and not giving up when the going gets tough. You have every right to slow down and take a break when you need it. There is no prize for how productive you are. It’s about you getting real with your needs. 

Truth is you are a human. You’ll be having days where you feel like you’re on top of the world and days where you’re feeling challenged. Thing is, it’s okay. Rewrite the idea that going out there is hard. It doesn’t have to be. Again, you make the rules. This is your sovereignty to live in alignment with what feels good for you. People know when you’re in your truth, and people know when you’re bullshitting. Stop lying to yourself and get radically real. 

We live in a world where we’ve been taught that spirituality is all about love and light. We need contrast. Without those dark days, how could we appreciate and truly honor the light? They help us see how far we’ve come, how strong we are, and what we’re capable of. 

The universe responds to who you believe you are. Whatever you’re emitting out into the world is what you’re going to experience. Life doesn’t see yourself as separate of it... it’s all about your mindset. That’s what’s creating your reality.

Over the past few weeks, you’ve been diving into your story and how far you’ve come. This week’s work is taking it one step deeper. Now’s the time for you to honor your worth and go out there and live your Sat Nam with conviction, confidence, and grace.


This week's Wake Pray Slay is here to help you Awaken Your Inner Light and Speak effectively your Sat Nam. It's a powerful mantra that brings me to tears often. With the reflection, you'll begin to tap into your truth so that you can go forth and share your truth with the world. Now is the time, beautiful.


Allow yourself to share your story, speak your truth, and show up in the world as your full, authentic self. This is your time. This is your invitation. You move the masses with your vulnerability. Speak and live with conviction. You’ve got this!