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The Alchemy Sessions || Upleveling the Nervous System :: Stay Woke Edition

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As we begin to dive in deeper into 2018, we can truly start off this year feeling grounded, aligned and ready to thrive. Cultivating a strong Nervous System allows us the opportunity to handle whatever comes our way with ease and grace. 


Stress can come through in many ways in the Golden Era. We’re constantly navigating through various energies within and without. Kundalini Yoga offers many tools to help manage stress. As citizens of the Golden Era, it’s important for us to be able to have practices that sustain us. Stress Management is crucial and truly the ultimate form of self care. 


Anchoring in the 1/11 portal, join me for this Stay Woke event on 1/11 at 4:45 pm, Thriving in the Golden Era with Kundalini Yoga. If you’re a participant in the Stay Woke experience, this class is a BONUS for you! If you’d like to join us and you haven’t signed up for Stay Woke, snag your spot for only $9. I’ll be teaching LIVE via Zoom. Once you’ve purchased, you can download and view this class whenever time permits. 

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