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Kundalini Yoga | The Yoga of Awareness

In a time where there is perceived chaos in the world, we are asked to be the eye of the storm. When we recognize that the inner is creating the outer, we allow ourselves to take responsibility in our own lives so that we may witness Heaven on Earth. Kundalini Yoga offers us an opportunity to reclaim our sovereignty as we build our kingdoms + queendoms with grace. This beautiful practice has helped me bloom in more ways than I could ever put words to. 🌻 We are in a time where we are blessed to have the tools to help us thrive. It’s a wild world right now, but we have the power to reclaim our sovereignty and reclaim our divinity + Kundalini Yoga helps us with just that! This is the time for us to stop playing small and to tap into our fullest + brightest expressions of ourselves.


In this 90-minute FREE webinar, you'll learn more about the science and technology behind the most popular growing limb of yoga, Kundalini Yoga. 👳🏽 This Yoga of Awareness will help you navigate through this time and space effortlessly with ease + grace! 🚀🚀🚀 As part of this free webinar, I'll be teaching some Kundalini Yoga meditations for you to keep in your spiritual tool box when time permits. 📿


During our time together, you'll...

◆ Discover tools + the science behind Kundalini Yoga

◆ Understand why Kundalini Yoga is gaining popularity eith some of the most successful people in the world

◆ Learn how to rewire your brain + heal your subconscious thought patterns

◆ Harness the power of the Aquarian Age to thrive

◆ Leave with simple meditations for you instantly shift your energy



* please note, if you are able to unattend, no worries! Anyone who signs up will be able to replay this webinar 48 hours after it's aired, sent directly to your mailbox!


If you have any questions you'd like answered in the webinar, feel free to reach out


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