Leading with Heart as your Art


Radiate Your Radness

Leading with Heart as your Art


Welcome to Day 2, beautiful. All I can say is that it gets real juicy here. This is about us going forth and leading with love by loving ourselves first and foremost. We must be willing to fill our cup so that we can come from this space of overflow and abundance, otherwise, it gets icky and gross. You see, it's all ENERGY. Everything is ENERGY. And as the inner creates the outer, if you aren't loving yourself, how do you expect to receive the love that's coming your way?! You can't!! Like attracts like... think about that. FEEEEL into that. You receive what you put out there. It's what magnetism is all about!


Here, I invite you to build a relationship to your inner critic. What's it's name? Recognize that that voice that keeps you small isn't you. IT'S NOT YOU! Remember that! It's far from who you truly are. Allow yourself to connect with your Core Beliefs and stay the course. If at first you don't succeed... dust yourself off and try again! You are a beacon of light. You are your core beliefs. Everything else is an opportunity for you to choose love, to grow, to be in a deeper space of compassion. As we talked about yesterday, it's about YOU getting out of the victim mentality. It's all happening for you, not to you. RECLAIM YOUR POWER AND YOUR SOVEREIGNTY BACK MY LOVE!!


Today's reflection is about you honoring you. It's about what's your Soul Recharge or what I like to call "The New Paradigm Cigarette Break." Take that time to honor you and to clear your energy so that you can go forth and be the light you wish to see in the world. 


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