There’s No Such Thing As Coincidence, Babe. You’ve Landed Here Because Deep Down, You’re Ready To Activate Your Radness.


What if I told you what you’ve endured has happened for you, not to you? You see, babe, there is a Divine Plan constantly unfolding in our lives to serve the highest good. We came here on mission to bless this place up with our essence, our talents + gifts, our courage, and our medicine. What has helped make us strong is something the world needs to know.


We are living in times where people are yearning for connection. We are calling out to come together in community with like-minded souls, people who vibrate at our level, people who inspire us and people who support us. Dedicated to the Bossbabe of the Golden Era, The Soulistic Journey is a mentorship opportunity for you to discover and activate the full Truth of your Hue-man Experience. Whatever you’ve experienced, it's unfolding as it has because there’s a Divine Plan happening behind the scenes. You’ve committed to live out your Soul’s Purpose + Mission and this is how it activates. The world is ready for your medicine. You have the opportunity to be ambitious and create the life far beyond your wildest dreams. All it takes is you honoring your past and aligning to your highest self. This is the intention of The Soulistic Journey.

Here’s the thing. There is no separation between you, your business, your health, your spirituality, your relationships, and your purpose. They are all intertwined in what I call, The Soulistic Experience.

This is where you begin to embrace all facets of your human experience. Honoring these areas of your life, you’ll begin to experience grace, ease, and abundance. It takes you taking the leap of faith, making peace with your past, and implementing the action steps to create the foundation to build your empire, your sacred temple. For us to actualize our desires, we must be willing to end the vicious cycles that have been preventing us from radiating our radness. This is your opportunity release what doesn’t serve, transmute the pain of the past, and begin to honor your sacred temple and share your medicine with the world. That is the intention of The Soulistic Journey.

❖ Who Is The Soulistic Journey Babe ❖

𓋹 Someone who is actively doing the work to better themselves. This is a babe who understands the importance of honoring theself so that they can go forth and share their medicine with the world. If you know me, you know I’m about going in deep. With that depth, I honor what arises, keeping it real and authentic with you because the stars shine brightest in the darkness of nights. This is a babe who is committed to doing the steps necessary to evolve and transmute. They are ready to be come a living example of what is possible.

𓋹 Someone who understands and believes in the importance of investing in themselves and their evolution. Over the years, I’ve invested money and time to evolve into the person I am today. Wellness is more than just supplements and yoga, it’s about overall well-being. All of this didn’t happen overnight. The Soulistic Journey is an opportunity for you to share with the Universe that you’re ready to show up, ready to rise, ready to share your medicine with the world.

𓋹 Someone who sees themselves paving the road to anchor in more love onto this world. Here’s the thing, what fuels me most are those leaders who are ready to offer solutions to make this world a better place. Someone with the drive to inspire others with their gifts and talents.

❖ The Experience of The Soulistic Journey ❖

Over the years, I’ve gathered many spiritual teachings, traditions, truths, experiences, and knowledge as part of my personal evolution. Implementing Kundalini Yoga, Modern Mysticism, and Quantum Healing, The Soulistic Journey shares various energetic healing techniques to help you become a magnet to your desires and actualize your success. Catering to your needs, I offer support to Business Women and Conscious Creators alike. Whether it pertains to branding, spiritual evolution, inner child healing, or business development, I am here to coach you, support you, honor you, and help you remember what you already know deep within. This experience is a love child between the woo-woo and the practical. You are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. It happens through you. As you commit to stop playing small, you’ll activate and align to your Divine Purpose and your deepest desires.

As a Soulistic Alchemist, my passion is to support the alignment and the awakening of the Golden Era through authentic living, vulnerability, and service. My journey has been far from easy, but what I've seen over the years is that all of this has been perfect. I've had to go through what I went through in order to be a guide through the Golden Era. My Soul's Mission is to see this symbiotic relationship between the Divine Masculine + the Divine Feminine by encouraging and supporting those I meet to dive in deep and transcend their limiting beliefs. I believe we are all here to live out our passions and our soul's calling with ease and grace. I feel and truly believe that this is a beautiful time to be alive because I believe in the power of the people and the power of community. We are the one's we've been waiting for!

As a Psychic Business Coach, I understand the importance of honoring our inner work so that we can go forth and unconditionally share our hearts as we go out into the world and share our gifts, our journey, our medicine. Here’s the thing… all success depends on your ENERGY. That’s right! Money is energy. Happiness is energy. Abundance is energy. Relationships are energy. IT’S. ALL. ENERGY. I'm here to help you harness your energy to go out into the world and unleash your medicine for the world.
Since embarking on The Soulistic Journey, I feel a better connection with what I want out of life as well as myself internally. I’ve been able to acknowledge my feelings and the things that I have gone through. I now know that I can turn that around and prosper instead of letting those things ruin my life. I can’t express how much Sabrina helped me, and my journey on my path by giving me direction when it comes to business as well as my healing.
— Sasha Georgiades

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Every experience is created with you in mind. There are no experiences that are ever the same. Depending on what you’re looking for, I will connect with you for a Yin + Yang Call to see how we resonate and if we are a good match. After our Yin + Yang Call, I will create a breakdown + invoice of the experience depending on the amount of time you would like to work together. We are here to inspire one another. Cultivating this relationship creates the foundation of trust, vitality, vulnerability, growth, and nourishment.

Here’s the truth babe, you are worthy of living a life of abundance simply by being authentically you + I want to help you get there.

If you’re interested in working with me, I invite you to Share with me a Little more about you.

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