Dedicated to the Goddesspreneurs of the Golden Era, The Soulistic Journey is a 4+ month 1:1 Mentorship experience to help you anchor in what it takes to uplevel your business and life to align to your business + brand's fullest potential in today's day and age. Through this experience, you will break through whatever shackles have been holding you back from Radiating Your Radness and sharing your medicine with the world. This journey is all about the inner creating the outer, simply by diving in deep, healing the past, and becoming a conduit to uplevel the collective through your business, life, and being.


Implementing Modern Mysticism with Intuitive Business, The Soulistic Journey Infuses Kundalini Yoga, Modern Mysticism,  Brand + Market Strategy to uplevel the energetic vibration of your Business + Brand, and most importantly... YOU! We are living in times where Conscious Business is the name of the game. It all begins with you, your energy, and your mission + intention to anchor in the Golden Era.



This intimate 1:1 experience offers Spiritual Entrepreneurs an opportunity to uplevel not just their business, but their lives in a soulistic + symbiotic relationship. Working with these energetic healing tools, intuitive business strategies, + the technology to magnify your mission, purpose and dharma, you'll begin to make an even bigger impact on the world. It all begins with you. 

Since embarking on The Soulistic Journey, I feel a better connection with what I want out of life as well as myself internally. I’ve been able to acknowledge my feelings and the things that I have gone through. I now know that I can turn that around and prosper instead of letting those things ruin my life. I can’t express how much Sabrina helped me, and my journey on my path by giving me direction when it comes to business as well as my healing.
— Sasha Georgiades

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Sabrina’s Thrive Program is worth it! The courses cover a lot of ‘potent’ information that is delivered to you in a beautifully designed website that’s easy to use. The topics covered are invaluable and will resonate with you on a soul level! Sabrina is exceptionally supportive throughout the entire course. I am grateful for the new knowledge I’ve gained and the confidence to live an authentic life!
— Ashley Thesman

THRIVE is an 8 week Soul Activation Experience dedicated to Soul Leaders who are ready to amplify their Hue-mman Experience + Align to their Soul's Destiny. THRIVE is for those who are embarking on a journey to step out of the Spiritual Closet + into the world, ready to showcase their gifts, talents, and passions to bless up humanity + the world as we know it. What makes THRIVE unique is through this experience, we dive in deep so that we can anchor in our visions of a better tomorrow. It's all about you elevating your vibration + creating the solid ground so that you go forth + build the business + life you desire most.


Because what we manifest in our external world has to do with our internal world, it's up to us to reclaim our sovereignty, collapse the old timelines, + transmute what no longer serves. This is about you stepping into your power, connecting with the Spiritual Guidance + Metaphysical Support that's ever present and offering the world something it's never experienced before through your presence + your medicine through your presence.

This Group Coaching Experience offers weekly Group Coaching Calls, Kundalini Yoga classes + meditations, Weekly Deep Reflections, Card Spreads, plus so much more to support you as you go forth + Radiate Your Radness.


It's evident that we are living through transitional times. After all chaos comes order. This is the opportunity for us to rise up and stand up for the highest good of ALL. As we embark on this journey together, it's my intention to share with you what I've learned about this beautiful opportunity we are faced to embrace + make the most of.


As lightleaders, we have a civil responsibility to be the light we wish to see in the world, but in order for us to do that, we must first recognize and honor our light within. This means learning to love all facets of OUR human experience. Yes, I'm talking about all the ugly cries from our past, our trials and tribulations and any suffering or struggles we may have faced up until now. All of it was prepping us to become CHAMPIONS during this time in human history.


Stay Woke is a 6-part video series to help you THRIVE during this Golden Era. Gathering all the tools and wisdom that has helped me awaken from my deepest and darkest slumber, it's my intention with this series to empower you to share your medicine and to be the lighthouse with every breath and every beat of your soul.

Sabrina’s Stay Woke course is a moving and thought-provoking experience. One that gently guides you to dive deep and do the work that is changing the world, one person at a time. Learning the concepts of filling my cup first, honoring myself, and envisioning and allowing myself to live a life that lights me up are so powerful. This course has helped me to choose to live a life that aligns with my truth, my highest good and the highest good of all, one that honors my past and allows me to move forward with love and integrity. I took this class for myself, but it’s really benefiting my 8 children as well. They see me showing up and living my life authentically. I believe this gives them support and permission to do so as well. Stay Woke is a gift to yourself, those you love, and the world.
— Jane D


Humanity is ready for an upgrade. A New Paradigm is ready to be anchored in, and it begins with you! This is our time to come together and uplift the collective with our love, our radiance, our truth. The world is READY for your medicine.


During this 5-Day Free Experience, you'll discover Ancient + Modern Mysticism to uplevel your hue-man experience by transcending those limiting beliefs once and for all. We are living in a new paradigm and to Radiate and THRIVE in this Golden Era, it's about you leading with heart as your art, making your mess your message, understanding the Superpower behind your radiance, the rise of Intuitive Leadership, + what it means to unlock the THRIVE Method. 

This jam packed 5 hour free experience is a taste of Sabrina's medicine and what she has to offer as you go forth and embark on this journey to reclaim your power and manifest your Deepest Desires.

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Having done everything from Group Meditations to Intimate Soul Spread Card Readings to Teaching Kundalini Yoga to 500+ people, Sabrina's work helps empower people to reclaim their authentic radness and align to their highest potential through the implementation of tools of the Modern Mystic. There's no denying that Sabrina's magnetism is contagious and infectious and will be leaving your audience, groups, and participants inspired and empowered for days long after.

Whether your event is 60-90 minutes, a half-day Experience, workshop, or a day long retreat, Sabrina will create a customized experience based on your needs and desires to enrich your event.

I can’t tell you how incredible of a day Saturday was for all of us; we couldn’t stop talking about our soul readings and the energy high from the class even after you left (so thanks for making me look like a rockstar organizer). You truly have a gift girl and we are so happy and honored that you shared it with us.
— Chelsea Z.